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July 10, 2015

Cake lovers be like.. #inyourface #oitnb #agreed #dessertfanatic


No, in your heart of hearts, you know as well as I do, red velvet is bullsh**.
It tastes like Play-Doh.
It is not velvety.
And the only thing that’s good about it is the cream cheese frosting which is meant to live on top of carrot cake, like God intended.
Okay, panda.
We hear you.
Red velvet isn’t a thing.
Red velvet can go to hell.

Word!!! Say it!!!

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May 14, 2015

I got an iZombie follow back! 😍😍😍 #fangirlingmode #tvgirl #crimedy


Aarrrgghhh!! How cool is that?? “Rose McIver FOLLOWS YOU”

And I just saw this notification after watching episode 9, where the love interest Lowell gets killed!!! Aaawwwwww… why’d they go and do that??!! 😭😭😭


So in excitement I responded,


@imrosemciver love your show! can’t wait till next episode! #iZombie #sadtoseeLowellgo

And then.. minutes later, this happened..


#Unfollowed #Loser #iknewIshouldnthaveresponded

Tweets the Real Rose McIver “Sorry guys i got hacked!” and then unfollows everyone she didn’t know.

oh well.. it was fun while it lasted.. 😓

May 12, 2015

Season Enders. #onceuponatime #janethevirgin #dramagirl


Can’t wait for next season!!! Aarrrrgghh!! From bounty hunter, to sheriff, to the savior, to the dark one. Boom! Thats great story telling right there!

And she finally said it! The 143s! Aaawwww…


And on a more realistic world,


My favorite scene for Jane the Virgin finale, the one where Petra ends up in a fertility clinic. The Twist!!! Not to mention the ending as well?? Its gonna be a really hyped up season 2 starter!!!

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March 31, 2015

The Tuesday in Holy Week. #notinspired #titlesmitles

No vgroup meet for tonight since its the Holy Week and everyone is preparing to go out of town for the long weekend coming up.

As for me, I just look forward to curling up in my bed and doing what I do best. Catch up on the many movies and TV Series I been missing out on! Since I didn’t have vgroup today, after work ended at 3pm I headed on to do some groceries and stocked up on food and especially snacks since the malls and most business establishments would be closed during the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. After getting back from the grocery at Welcomm, which is just about a few blocks down the road from McKinley Hills Woodridge, I got back to the apartment and got a hold of some of the series I needed to catch up on. I also managed to get a copy of the new TV Series that Dust recommended to watch last Saturday after music practice.




iZombie! I loved that the main character is a lady, and the way they used “comic book” effects on the screen plays. It was interesting and also fun to watch. It’s only on the second episode right now so I have to keep up every week, at least something to look forward to since all the other series I am following now are on season breaks. Like Jane the Virgin, Switched at Birth and How to get away with Murder.

So my Tuesday evening was spent on TV Series again. I couldn’t do anything else anyway since my roommate was still in the unit and I just shut down when I feel so cramped up in this uber small apartment unit. Also continued with watching orange is the New Black series and I am excited to see whats next! Yay to looooong weekends!

March 24, 2015

American Idol Season 14!

Its the time at the beginning of the year when we get to see the next Super stars singers in the making!

I am putting my votes on this Quirky Kiwi! Joey Cook!


Was just watching all her performances on Youtube and I really like her style! So I started following her on Twitter and whaddya know?? She followed back! 😝
‘slight fan girling’ moment there.


I really hope America makes the right decisions this time and vote for real talent and not just fame.

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February 2, 2015

恋恋不忘 – 第十六集 #mandarinMondays


One of my favorite scene. Where 厉仲谋 gave flowers to 吴桐 for the first time. And sort of had feelings for her but he wasn’t sure.



Insert “kilig” here. eeeeee…. 😍😍😍


Am on a roll here, spent all night catching up until episode 21. Episode 20 was when they got married and I am just so hooked I need to get this done and over with so I could get back to me normal body clock! aaaaarrggghhhhh

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September 12, 2014

How I met Your Mother. The finale.

So I finally finished watching this series finale. I have to say I was quite disappointed with how it ended.

Still, the series did not fail to touch me emotionally and brought me to tear-jerker moments as well as tickle my funny bones at different levels.

Its amazing chemistry they have this bunch of actors. Really something of which really did replaced the famous “Friends” series for me.

I was first introduced to this HIMYM series by my ex boyfriend Allen, who happened to watch this series because Ted Mosby was an architect, as was he. That was way back in 2005. And here we are, 9 seasons and 9 years later!


This is what I honestly think about the ending. It sucked. I hate that they had to kill off the mother’s character, which is a perfect match for Ted Mosby. And I definitely do not think Robin deserves Ted’s undying love!!! >.<

And I was disappointed that Robin and Barney didn't work out because they made such a fuss about what must've been the most longest weekend and biggest "wedding" moment of the whole 9th season, and yet, it was all for nothing after a 3 year marriage and it ended up in a divorce. That sucked!

I wonder if the writers ever made an alternate ending though…

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May 20, 2014

Throwback Tuesday on the Ski Machine. #flowerfour #teenmoments


Watching Meteor Garden II while doing my Cardio session on the ski machine. In TAGALOG audio! How cool is that?

Really enjoyed this drama series back in the day, and I guess their Pinoy fans are just so die hard that they managed to get the tv stations to bring this fad back!

Yay to TV shows that can keep me company while I work it!

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April 18, 2014

Catching up on the Big Bang!


I stopped somewhere beginning of season 6 last year and didn’t continue following the series for a while. Now thanks to the looooong weekend, I finally have the time to do a marathon and catch up on the whole season 6!

Seeing the cast eating at every episode just makes me crave for food! Aarrgghhh… Need to get a hold of some cakes for myself tomorrow!

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March 8, 2014

Its the “staying indoors” kind of Saturday. #lazy #emo #sad


Catching up on some Switched at Birth Season 3 drama series. Initially had another Binondo Food Trip planned in my calendar but that didn’t happen. I also thought of going to Lucky China Town just to watch a movie and go on a solo food trip but I got lazy because I had to wait for the laundry lady to come pick up my laundry. Which they only did 3 hours after I called them! Grrr

So I ended up just staying in. Might even call food delivery service. Screw calorie counting for the day.

I also got depressed after hearing news from Twitter and all over Facebook about how a Malaysian Plane gone missing. The MH370 was bound for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur and lost contact with the air traffic control. Last I heard, it actually crashed into the South China Sea. Praying that there will be survivors 🙏😢

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