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December 6, 2014

Breakfast Galore at Spiral!


A sort of blurred vision of the breakfast scene and panoramic view here at Spiral Sofitel.


Started my round 1 with a bit of granola cereals with skim milk and a cup of hot chocolate. I was seated next to the water fountain below the stairs. All alone but enjoying every bit of it. 🙂



The grand Christmas Tree behind the staircase.

I been here before for their dinner menu so I won’t be too specific or detailed about how the place looks like. These were just some things about the place that I highlighted, specifically the fact that they have a cold cuts and cheese section!



Look at all that meat hanging there!


The smell of the many different kinds of cheese!! Too bad this wasn’t lunch, else I would have loved to have a taste of all that cheese and cold cuts. I skipped that and went with the regular bread and sunny side eggs.


The bread station where I got frustrated cos I couldn’t find any butter. Tsk. It was all the way on the far left side where all the cereals are?!! They have spreads on the table and yet they don’t have butter on the dining tables.


My sunny side eggs were cooked at the Teriyaki station. But I think the guy overcooked the egg whites though. It was all boiled up with round patches and not smooth white anymore.

So here’s a very indecisive Round 2.


Just had eggs, a slice of French bread, siopao and banana. Loved the siopao though!


Nothing much on the Japanese section. I mean, why would people eat Japanese cuisine for breakfast? Maybe just me, I wouldn’t.


I also found this very interesting. It was beside the cereals section where there is a whole table of antique looking briefcases with compartments or like a cabinet pull out. And filled with all kinds of dry fruit and nuts. Wow.


This was round 3! Sausage! 2 little marble potatoes, half a tomato topped with some kind of bread crumb and cheese I think. Baked aubergine and wheat bread this time. The french bread was too hard.


Round 4!!!! Typical Chinese Chicken Congee topped with Char Kuey. But the Char Kuey of course cannot compete with the freshly cooked and soft ones like we have back home. This was ready made and tasted very artificial plus it was “hard” too. Even after dipping it in the congee, it took quite a while before it would soften. Also added some other type of sausages from the Indian section and 1 egg tart! And I went for another siopao too just cos I like how it tasted.


I just had to take a selfie with my food. How else would I prove these photos are really mine right?


I just figured I wanted to take a photo of the little jars of spread they placed on the dining table. Honey, Mango Ginger and Pineapple Coco Rhum flavors. I didn’t open them though, it looked like I might need to pay for those so I would rather pass for now.


June 25, 2014

Good morning from Endah Promenade.



The panoramic view from Christene and Ryan’s balcony. Overlooking the Bukit Jalil Stadium.. Oh how I miss college days..



I got Christene the “Purpose Driven Life” book as a little gift for taking me into her home for 2 nights.



To my dear Christene,
Thank you for being a part of my life and for your loving friendship. I pray this book will renew your mind and transform your life as it did mine, and that you will be able to test and approve what God’s good, pleasing and perfect will for your life is.
Pam 😛
June 25, 2014


Good thing the haze has dispersed for a bit there is actually a view here from Christene’s 23rd floor condo!

June 20, 2014

Jonker Walk Night Market.




After dinner at home, cousin Pierre and his daughter (Hannah a.k.a 小燕) brought me to the famous tourist spot downtown. The Jonker Walk!

No idea why the name, but it was basically a night market which kinda reminds me of Chinatown (anywhere, Manila or KL).

Lots of little trinkets sold there but the main thing I got were Fridge magnets! And of course, lots of photo to for memories.

After the walk, headed on to the Malacca River Cruise!



A 45minute boat cruise with views and sight seeing activities along the Malacca River.

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March 31, 2014

More keychains! Thanks Gail! #sabah #souvenirs


My Assistant Manager Operations, Gail just came back from a vacation at my hometown, Kota Kinabalu!

Glad to hear how she enjoyed it very much and went Island hopping although islands in the Philippines are still better. She stayed at the Kinabalu Backpackers Lodge along the Gaya Street and even tried the very famous Bak Kut Teh there. Oh how she makes me miss KTown!

A little orang utan keychain to remind me of home! 🙉