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November 29, 2014

Past Tense. (2014) #pinoymovie #crushkosiXianLim


Its a Saturday! A Christmas-shopping-spree-out to be exact. The government even made it a decree to change all the mall operating hours to delay it an hour later. Instead of 10am, the malls will open 11am and close only at 11pm. This was supposedly to tackle the Christmas traffic problem and crowd control since all the 13th month pay is credited to the billions of Pinoys. So its rather expected that the malls will be sardined with too many people.

I got to the mall at around 10:30am, then waited around and had my brunch at Seattle’s Best Coffee since that was the only decent place I could have a meal that was nearby and not overly crowded.


Ordered their overly oily sausage and mushroom omelette with French toasts.  Had a hot white chocolate mocha for beverage. Spent more than 300 pesos here. Tsk. Haven’t started shopping and already money is going down my stomach.

Movie was at 11:50am, so by the time I finished my meal, I had some time to go to the alterations stall and get the skirts I bought to trim off a few inches. It costs 400 pesos to trim 2 skirts. Pretty pricey if you ask me. It suddenly made me realize that someday I want to take tailoring lessons so I can make my own skirts! Hmph!

Off I went to the cinemas, not many people in the cinema hall but outside, it was just too many teenage kids hanging around and loitering around the place!

The movie was ok, it wasn’t what I had in mind, but there were scenes that made me teared up. And I really think Xian’s acting skills have slightly improved. I hated Kim’s character though. The mannerism was just too over-acting. At least it was a happy ending. I must say though the cinema was so lousy. The seats were old and overly used, and the sound system was not even loud or clear enough. Disappointing really.

After the movie, I started shopping around for the things I had in my check list, like the wash basin, magnet clips, mostly household goods. Until I got to the tiangge, I started aiming for things and accessories I could pair up with my outfit for the company’s annual Christmas party.

Got myself most of the things I needed. Except for a sling bag. Also I still haven’t found gifts for the exchange with both vgroups. I was also distracted at times and bought some stuff that I really didn’t need. Also I took time to try out some outfits that were not necessary since I already have the outfits I needed for the party. What set me back was really the lady who was supposed to get my alterations done. When I got to the shop around 3:30pm she still hasn’t worked on it! Tsk. So I had to waste another 2 more hours going around just so I could get my skirt.

By the time it was 5pm, I was thinking if I should go on to SM Aura and catch another movie there too. I was kinda tired by then so I figured I should be getting home since I still needed to be up early the next day to volunteer at Victory Makati.

Made a short pit stop at National Bookstore to get some Christmas wrappers and also some stationary to prepare for Aileen’s birthday surprise. Then walked around SM department store’s make up section. Didn’t find anything that would catch my eye so I decided I should head home already.

As expected, line for the taxi was ridiculous. Took grab taxi but it also took awhile to get to me because of all the traffic.

After I got home, Galerose invited me to get Banapple for dinner. I was of course hungry and so agreed to go with her and we got the food for take out and ate at home.

Phew. Finally a long day has ended. December is here in just one more day!

November 27, 2014

Year end Splurge. #idontreallyneedthese


Look at all the money spent down the drain!! 😱:'(

I had 5K pesos on hand when I went to Glorietta 4 after work. Came home with no more 1K bills on me! Sob sob!


Cinderella -nude knitted top – vine clothing
359.40 pesos

Landmark – vintage maxi skirt – retazzo by bong lazo
547.50 pesos



The Ramp – Black Top – two zero clothing
695 pesos

Landmark – red maxi skirt – Retazzo by Bong Lazo
1,095 pesos


People are people – boho crop top – hot & delicious
699 pesos

My biggest excuse was that I never really spend money on clothing the rest of the year, so I figured I could cut myself some slack this time and let myself loose. Bad idea.

Here’s the rest of what I spent on the whole trip,

Body shop concealer
550 pesos
Earrings – cinderella
120 pesos
Hair curler – cinderella
200 pesos
Hair accessories – funky boho
101.50 pesos

May 30, 2014

168 Mall-ing and shopping!




A monopod, 230 pesos, wide lens for iphone, 330 pesos, Nike work out shirt, 75 pesos!