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January 4, 2015

New year, new shoes. 👣


Shoe sale at Landmark. This was 50% off. I got it at 399 pesos.



Would you believe that this shoe was sold for a whopping 1,599 pesos?! Its ridiculous! And the make is so cheap that I think even buying it at 399 pesos is still slightly expensive. Perhaps the real factory cost would be around 250 pesos but seriously?? 1.6K for this? Landmark is ripping people off!

On another note, this wasn’t the shoe I intended to buy, I was looking for something to wear daily at work, more like this,


But I didn’t get that because it was cloth material. I find my shoe stinks especially with cloth types cos I got sweaty feet. These platforms will have to do for now. I even got a size larger than what my feet actually fits so I can wear socks with them shoes and not feel too tight. I just hope the platforms are allowed according to the employee handbook on attire guidelines.

November 30, 2013

My new RED kicks. From Cotton On.


Got these from Cotton On SM Aura branch. Worth Php 600! Its a 2 for 1200 buy and Marky got the other 600 for the same kicks but in Black and size 41. Hahaha. I think for just 1 pair, it would cost a little over 700 pesos. And now I get to wear this for our dance number! Yay!


July 15, 2013



Chanced upon a very cute book at National Bookstore while going around the Glorietta mall after our merienda with the team.

Shoestrology : Discover your birthday Shoe! By Tali & Ophira Edut.

Am not a believer of astrology but its some fun reads about personalities and type of people and their likes.

So here’s my birthday shoe!


In a fierce red! I like it ^_^

Though I didn’t get the book, took a peek at what it says about my birthday shoe, words like fierce, passionate, and hot blooded were popping up?! Not entirely true though..