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October 29, 2006

Mobile Phones and their owners.

Don’t u just hate it when u call a person on their mobile and they won’t pick it up?

I mean, whats a mobile for if they wont pick it up?? fuck man..

Sometimes I feel like I’m so repulsive! Too dependent on her? Maybe.

I hate this feeling. The “she doesn’t feel the same for u as u do for her” kind of scenario.


June 20, 2006


Let me rant for a bit.

I called him up, and he so rudely dismisses me cos he was busy getting things at the last minute.

Geez, fine. I was just calling to check on him after having not heard from him for at least 10 hours. And I was just about to tell him that I missed him so much that I dreamt of him. But no, talking to gf was not in his list of errands today so he didn’t have the time to just chat a bit with the gf.

Hell, he couldnt even apologize! Man, having my bf cheating on me was NEVER in my errands list and yet I could still accept that fact. Talk about being a fucking asshole.

May 1, 2006

what a fight.

“Whoever honours his father atones for his sins; he who gives glory to his mother prepares a treasure for himself.Whoever honours his father will receive joy from his own children and will be heard when he prays. – Sirach 3, 3-5”

“O. My bible don’t have that chapter wan o. So when did this revelation came to you?””Your bible suda kena filtered punya ka? Neways, just wanna share a lesson with you we can all learn. I thought I’d start the day with a random reading.. Have not been leading a prayerfull life…”

“Neways. Am gonna brush teet.. Do me a favor and make it a point this week to just get hold of a catholic bible and look up Sirach chapter 3… Just read only… I’m not forcing it on you…I wanna share what’s been given 😉 “”You’re not forcing it, you’re trying to influence me. I don’t even try to influence you. Don’t be unfair. I go to your church much more than you do mine.”

“Ish you this. Its just a harmless advice… Wanna share a script that moved me, and I got a spat for it. Fine, never wanna partake in my sharing is it? I’ll share my feelings elsewhere.”

“You shared it to me on sms, I listened. If you want to get back at me like that, its your choice then.”

“Here we go again. The i-do-more-than-you bull. If i’m such a chore then you should just quit while you can.”

“Watever hon. You suggested it.”

February 18, 2006

14th February 2006 – The Day of Love

Valentine’s day itself, me and my boy took it easy in the afternoon. We did get a lil annoyed when it came to getting his computer cos he got pist at the technician who fixed his pc. All about the service he givin and shit like that. it spoiled the day a lil but its ok lah. at least we had a full day the day before.

so after his pc was settled, we just chilled at his place, went by to his cousin’s next door and he got 3 chicks over there with him!! haha. anyways, went back to my boy’s and we just had a nice and comfy japanese anime session. “MIDORI NO HIBI”. its a real cute 6.40, we were out of the house and heading towards the hotel for our dinner. i think we were only the 4th couple/customer for that night’s dinner to reach there. atmosphere was fantastic, 5 course meal.. superb. decorated with nice romantic deco and we were also given little gifts and 1 stalk of rose. =)

i’d have to say, it was my first valentine ever to have such a grand dinner.

we finished at around 9, headed home for about an hour an half while waiting for movie at 11.40. head to the cinema at CP and watched “Fun with Dick and Jane.” it was just an alright movie but i have to say that the ending sucked big time cos i was left with question marks all over my head.

all in all.. its my best valentine’s day ever.. t hanks to my boy.. this is definately going into my “light at the end of the tunnel” list!

October 19, 2005

eye rolling… hair pulling..

am really starting to get aggitated and annoyed wid a good fren of mine. i mean, i dont wanna be mean, but sometimes i think he’s tryin too hard.

i know he’s tryin to make the relationship work, yet i see much more effort coming from him and it is coming from her. its right in my face, the guy loves the gurl so much more than the gurl loves him!i guess its nothing wrong, IF YOU DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!!! thing is, this dude complains to me about it, yet consoles himself by justifying everything that the girl does! he can answer reasons as to why she wouldnt call, why she thinks a certain way, why she does this and that.. as if he understands her so well!! yet, he’s only seen this girl face to face 3 times in the course of 2 years!!!

i know i should give the girl the benefit of a doubt, that she might really be serious about her relationship wid my fren here, but its really hard for me to see it.. even more so that the relationship is a long distance one!

not forgetting the fact that she is only 19. i was 19 before, i know i was indecisive at that point in life, dont know what i really want and dont know whether wat i’m doing then was right.

i can only wait and see.. time will reveal all. just like i’m patiently waiting for time to reveal how my best friend’s situation is gonna turn out..