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December 5, 2014

Luxury Diet Lunch at Spiral, Sofitel.


Checked in to Sofitel by 1:30pm today and settled down to a solo staycation for the night. Got a discounted price from my company’s event here tomorrow night for the annual Christmas Party. 6,500 pesos per night with breakfast for 2. Unfortunately my other breakfast meal will be a waste since I am alone.

Then 5,500 pesos for the second night without breakfast. My officemates Lauren, Grace and Jamie will join me tomorrow night to stay over after the party.


And here’s my Coconut Shrimp and Pomegranate salad worth 530 pesos! At least the serving was good for 2-3 persons. Its a very “Thai” dish that I feel the dressing is a bit too sour for me. So instead of soothing my empty and hungry stomach, it felt like it was twisting it instead 😟


So that’s what the title is about. Just plain diet salad meal. Aarrgghhh.. Can’t wait for the party to be over so I can indulge in food again! This week was torture!!!

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June 19, 2014

Bihun Soup!




Homemade is always best. Can’t get anything like this anywhere else!

May 22, 2014

New ideas for lunch 😊


Hunt’s Chilli Beef and Beans in a Salad! I added sliced cheese, cherry tomatoes and egg whites into the mix.

Voila! Less than 250 calories in this meal! Filling and just as healthy!

Just 2 more days to Team Building outing at Batangas. I’m ready for the beach! Just hoping my monthly “visits” won’t come too soon 😓

May 1, 2014

From Makati to Taguig. #movingforward


This morning’s view of the place I will not be seeing in the future…


And moving on to this! Smaller apartment space, 1 bedroom good for 4 pax. The BIG PLUS here? Its 3 mins walk to my office! No more long hour of commute! It is pricier though, 5K per month for each person (excluding utility bills!) but I guess I’m exchanging it for the 1 hour I waste on commuting home everyday.

I thank God for Belle and JR who worked really hard to help me move my 3 rounds of car trip’s worth of things!!! So here’s a treat for them at Ramen Nagi, SM Aura!


I ordered the Original King Butan Ramen, worth 410 pesos from the menu, with eggs for add ons.


Lauren came by after 3pm just to hang with me and help out with whatever else I needed. I just mostly needed her company ^_^

We went on to SM Aura and Market Market to get more household stuff like trash bins and groceries. After which we had dinner at Pepper Lunch and I got to try, for the very first time, Bronut!!


It was mostly croissant with a layer of cream which tasted like custard and topped with belgian chocolate.


This one above was already cut into 4 pieces cos I forgot to capture a photo of it before I asked the server to cut it up. This was worth 110 per piece. Pretty costly too I must say.

It was also my first time to try a slice of cake from the much raved about SLICE! They had a little counter there serving cakes from the Slice franchise down in Highstreet. This was the Double Choco Yema Cake. Suuuuuuper sweet though.


It was between this or the Blueberry Cheesecake. But since the cheesecake was 260 per slice (whereas 150 only for the choco yema), and there was another lady ordering the last pieces too, I didn’t want to let her take my last piece as well. It gave me the impression that the choco yema cake was in high demand!

After much sugar rush, I kinda wished I had the blueberry cheesecake instead. Oh well.


Photo captured by Lauren while I was showering. Goodnight McKinley Hill!

April 27, 2014

Lunch at Spicy Fingers for 120 pesos!


You wouldn’t believe me by looking at this photo, the menu says its the Salisbury Steak meal. 😓

I was instantly sold to the description of hard boil eggs wrapped in ground beef and so this was what it actually looked like. Now I know.

Oh well. At least its affordable.

April 22, 2014

Eggplant with ground Pork.


Best served with Hoisin sauce (according to the lady boss of the pantry concessionaire). They served this today in the office pantry for their lunch menu. I couldn’t help but had to order it cos I love Eggplants! They sold 6 pieces of this at about 20grams each for 45 pesos. Although the photo doesn’t look as appetizing, it really didn’t taste too bad at all. Especially with Hoisin sauce. It was just rather oily because they deep fried it.

And yet again, after writing this up that I realized I should’ve taken a photo shot of my lunch meal. Narsh!

April 15, 2014

Fun lunch. #ihearteggs #amused


My measuring spoon can fit the egg! How cute!

March 11, 2014

Lets eat! #lunch #eatclean #diet #excessbaggage


2 slices of Oven-roasted Turkey spam, a cube of Laughing Cow cheese, corn cob, cherry tomatoes, some Iceberg Lettuce with a light vinaigrette dressing. All in all totaling about 230 calories.

Taste awesome but I have to be honest, it wasn’t very filling. I think I’ll be hungry again very soon. Like in an hour or less than 2. 😳

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November 25, 2013

McDonald’s for a Monday Lunch with teammates. ❤️


With Grace, Frans, Marky, Lauren, Mikhail and Gino during our lunch out at Mc Donald’s Venice Piazza McKinley Hill. Love these people ^_^