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May 30, 2008

Public Holiday

its a public holiday today.. Harvest Festival 2008, and it lasts for 2 days.. wooo hoo!!!

I get to sleep in again.. zzzzz…

anyway, no plans for this public holiday. well, maybe tomorrow, going for some family tree reunion thingy my mum is dragging me to go… will see..

for now, just enjoying lazing around at home.. and having snacks…

i had a post 2 years ago about how i spent the Harvest Festival. Read it here.

January 17, 2008

17 JAN 08 : Untitled

yupp. i cant be fucked about titles right now. and Im not gonna say how long I’ve been away from the Hi5 world.

Just a quickie now cos am in the office (transfered back again to the corporate office from the kindergarten).

Lately been watching my weight, being very cautious of wat I put in my mouth. And i’m not gonna say how much weight I’ve lost cos I dont wanna jinx it!

Anyway, my work transfer is another change recently, as I have always mentioned how I hate changes.. So I am just bearing with it at the mo cos I can’t afford not having a job.

As for relationships, its kind of like a straight line with little jolts, I dont know how to describe it. But yes, there is a relationship that is interesting to me at the mo. ;-p

As for finance, still the same old same old.. I need a new job with better pay seriously..

May 14, 2006

Girl, Messed up.

I feel like I’m watching a dramatic scene from Girl, Interrupted while reading a friend’s blog.

I understand that she went through a lot. But I can only say that she put herself in that position and she must face the consequences. She should’ve think before she did anything as serious as that.

I am glad that she’s got loved ones around her, cares for her so much. But I hope that she doesn’t keep it up. Taking your own life away is just fucked up man.. I mean, c’mon. If a dude has a hot girlfriend that’s so messed up inside herself its gonna strain him in the long run. And even people around you can’t keep helping you unless you help yourself.

I hope she straighten herself up soon. Life is too short to live that way.

August 4, 2005

aaahh life.

was browsing thru frenster, and i see lots of them overseas studying, pics of them having a blast with friends and shit. and i think to myself, how come i couldnt be like that?

well, shit happens. …

August 1, 2005

its AUGUST!!

so here comes August..

aaaaahhh.. it just feels wonderful to have the week past by so quickly.

not long after this will come september, october, and NOVEMBER!!!

hehehe. well, today had a few errands to run but its alright. not too bad. though all the while i’m driving and at the back of my head is, : how do i get money for this? money for that? aiyah, everything also need money. wher am i gonna get money from???

haih~ basically money is the problem. no money, no talk; the Chinese would go.

i’ve always wondered how life for me would be if i had taken another route. of course, nobody is allowed that kind of priviledge of living parallel lives in order to choose a better life if u knew how it was gonna end.

well, i spose i will never be trully content with my life until i have my own space, my own life, my freedom to choose what to do and what not to do, without any obligations.