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June 29, 2014

Jogging beside the coastline! #beautiful #kk


Distance: 5Km
Time: 35:37 mins
Calories : 293 cal

Beautiful view and awesome breeze to cool the sweat! I really enjoyed running on the tracks made specially for the joggers and shared with bicycle riders too.


The only downside to it, is that you could see lots of trash along the coast, and of course, some parts of the sea actually smells horrifying and I suppose it was because it was also where the drainage is connected to.

I also tried out “penny” boarding, its the trend in the young teenagers nowadays. And I borrowed my teenage nieces’ penny board and gave it a go. The penny board can only carry a max of 80kg, and good thing I only weigh 56Kg max now. Hehehehehe. It was alright, I managed to balance myself at some point. But I think I’d choose roller blades over penny boards anytime!



Photo below with the fambam (and 2 of Danica’s bffs) taking a break near Anjung Selera before heading home!


June 23, 2014

The last run in this village!



Burned 130 calories in 18:12″ this morning! My last run here at Putra Heights. Since I did some Pump it Up aerobics this morning before the run, I decided I cut me some slack by not going 30minutes on the road. At least I made a 45minutes workout in total at the start of today! Yay! Thank You Lord for being my strength and my shield!

June 21, 2014

Good morning!! Lovely time and day for a run outside!


3.93KM in 32:44″. Took my time today and paced myself so I don’t tire too easily.

June 20, 2014

Outdoor jog for the day. 32°C is craaaay 😓




4.21 Kilometers in 31:34″.

Its just waaay too hot outside even at 5:15pm! And I also think so much rice and noodles the past few days is really slowing me down. Gotta get back in shape after the vacay but am still trying to steal a few workouts too while on holiday.

June 6, 2014

Outdoor jogging with roomie!


With the very young Thesille! About a century younger than me but am proud to say I was just as fit if not fitter than she was! Hehehehe 💪🏃

Too bad my Nike app stopped halfway through the run! I should’ve checked it from time to time really. Now it just shows that I ran less than 1 Km and burned only 49 calories! Ish! 😠

We started jogging at 6:05 and ended about 6:25pm. Went down the Upper Mckinley road and back. That was quite an uphill jog. Then onwards down the road towards the Emperador Stadium.

Not bad for an outdoor run. My first time around McKinley Hill too! Definitely won’t be the last!

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