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December 21, 2014

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen. #firsttimer


OMG. This was good stuff!!!


But then again, I am a poor judge of good ramens. So I might be wrong cos it may have been because I wad just hungry already.


Finished my whole bowl of broth though! We ordered their best seller, the Ajitama Tonkotsu, 380pesos. Personally for me, I could finish the whole bowl alone and still have room for some other food, but I guess if you’re not such a glutton like me, it can be just right for 2 pax a bowl.


Came here at the SM Aura branch after service, met up with Galerose after her church mass at the chapel. Suggested we could go here since I figured she likes ramen and I haven’t tried this place yet.

It wasn’t very crowded and our turn on the line was pretty quick and not a long wait. The food also served pretty quick so I have to say this was a pleasant dining experience. :)👍

December 9, 2014

First time at TokyoCafĂ© Venice Piazza.


Dinner with Galerose. Since we both were curious about this place yesterday when we passed by after Agave Mexican, we told ourselves we’ll give it a try tonight.


We ordered Miso Ramen, The California Maki and Oyako-Ju.




The biggest deal breaker for me would be the rice that they used. They used regular long grain rice instead or the Japanese rice! Hmph!! 👎

Spent about 760 pesos for the two of us on 3 dishes.

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May 5, 2014

Getting to know one another. #roomies


At Teriyaki Boy, Market Market mall, having dinner with my new housemate/apartment mate/roommate/bunkmate, Galerose Gale.

After work today, I figured I could show her around the area and help her get acquainted with the places nearby since she hasn’t got a job yet and still has some free time in her hands.

So off we went to Market Market to shop for things she might need (but mainly to print her resume), and of course shop at my favorite places of all time, Japan Home Centre and Daiso! Found some really amusing things this time too! Like this,


The Chip Thong! You can eat snacks without soiling your fingers! How very true! I always get this dilemma whenever I eat Cheetos where my fingers get all yellow and orangy after having to feed myself a few bites of it. So this is the ultimate solution to my problem! Well, either that or I could just use a teaspoon.


And the Microwavable Egg Cooker! Now I gotta try this out and hope it doesn’t splatter or explode in the microwave. I actually saw a different kind of egg cooker from American Bazaar for 66 pesos but I didn’t get that one cos it was in an egg shape of a hard boil egg.


Aside from those unique and innovative items, I also got myself a mug from daiso, which comes with a spoon that you can place on the handle!


But then again, probably not a good idea to use the handle when you have liquid dripping down the spoon/stirrer?

And here are photos of the food we had for dinner,


The Philly Cheese Steak Sushi, Php 191.


The Lechon Kawali Salad that came in a really cool salad bowl/plate. I think this is about 130 pesos?


I saw that they had Okonomiyaki in their menu and wanted to try if it was as good as the one in Glorietta 4, but seeing the dish in person, it was disappointing even before I had a taste and it even didn’t taste good. This was worth 88 pesos.


And finally, I got myself a Katsudon. Description says they used US pork, and thats why it costs 248 pesos for this meal. It was just so-so for me but the meat was good enough (not so much fats) to not disappoint me.

May 1, 2014

From Makati to Taguig. #movingforward


This morning’s view of the place I will not be seeing in the future…


And moving on to this! Smaller apartment space, 1 bedroom good for 4 pax. The BIG PLUS here? Its 3 mins walk to my office! No more long hour of commute! It is pricier though, 5K per month for each person (excluding utility bills!) but I guess I’m exchanging it for the 1 hour I waste on commuting home everyday.

I thank God for Belle and JR who worked really hard to help me move my 3 rounds of car trip’s worth of things!!! So here’s a treat for them at Ramen Nagi, SM Aura!


I ordered the Original King Butan Ramen, worth 410 pesos from the menu, with eggs for add ons.


Lauren came by after 3pm just to hang with me and help out with whatever else I needed. I just mostly needed her company ^_^

We went on to SM Aura and Market Market to get more household stuff like trash bins and groceries. After which we had dinner at Pepper Lunch and I got to try, for the very first time, Bronut!!


It was mostly croissant with a layer of cream which tasted like custard and topped with belgian chocolate.


This one above was already cut into 4 pieces cos I forgot to capture a photo of it before I asked the server to cut it up. This was worth 110 per piece. Pretty costly too I must say.

It was also my first time to try a slice of cake from the much raved about SLICE! They had a little counter there serving cakes from the Slice franchise down in Highstreet. This was the Double Choco Yema Cake. Suuuuuuper sweet though.


It was between this or the Blueberry Cheesecake. But since the cheesecake was 260 per slice (whereas 150 only for the choco yema), and there was another lady ordering the last pieces too, I didn’t want to let her take my last piece as well. It gave me the impression that the choco yema cake was in high demand!

After much sugar rush, I kinda wished I had the blueberry cheesecake instead. Oh well.


Photo captured by Lauren while I was showering. Goodnight McKinley Hill!

April 25, 2014

Ukokkei Ramen Ron! #foodtrip


At the Tuscany Private Estates McKinley Hill, a few blocks away from my office building. With Jaja, Lauren and Mart! Our first time at this place and we wanted so bad to try their “highly recommended” TantanMien that we specifically planned this foodtrip tonight even if it means having to wait around for 2.5 hours before their restaurant opens at 5:30pm!

We were hanging out at the office pantry after work, and then even headed to Dunkin Donuts Cafe at Venice Piazza and had munchkins before dinner!


The menu of the night consists of “soft boiled” eggs (the Japanese Version). I honestly thought it was going to be the runny version.


The steam-fried Gyoza ordered by Lauren. Php 120 for 5 pieces.


And for the love of eggs, Mart and Jaja ordered a total of 3 plates of Tamago! Php 120 per 5 pieces.


And finally the looong awaited Tantanmien. Worth 390 pesos but its really good for 2 persons if you don’t eat so much. It was rather disappointing because the soup was soo oily, and I guess because it was served very hot, the soup also tasted more spicier than ever!

Irah also joined us after awhile for her dinner break,


Much later, Rachelle, Denise, Yen and Andrew (Yen’s bf) came and joined us for dinner too. We didn’t manage a group photo with them though.

All in all, the food was just so-so. I am not a big Ramen enthusiast but I can tell when its NOT good. So this one is a definite thumbsdown from me.

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March 3, 2014

Salmon Sashimi. #craving


Instead of the KFC Chicken I initially wanted to have for my last day of cheat day, I went with salmon sashimi. I think I had a bit too much of meat for the weekend, my body is yearning for seafood now. So after a full on workout from 11am till 2pm (oh how I love leaves off work!) I decided I should go with Japanese for the day.

At Glorietta 4’s Sakura! 225 pesos for 7 small pieces, thats about 280 Calories. Ouch!