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March 21, 2015

Trying out Keratin Treatment.


And snipping of some hair while I’m at it. 💇

Here at Kpop’s Salon go-to place, Tony & Jackey’s!


The Korean hairstylist, Miji. She’s such a cutey. Excused herself twice with a courtsy and plus and lifted her index finger while saying “excuse 1 min”.


My hair almost done and Miji behind me in a polka dot dress. She’s so sexy though!

I don’t recall if I have been here again since the last time I got my blonde hair snipped off. And that was back in 2010! Wow.. this business is striving. Kudos to the Kpop-ers.

aaaaaand… the finished product!


Side view.


From the back. Seems I still have wavy tresses from my last perm. Urgh.


The other side, which actually seems like its not nicely done. Maybe Miji made a few wrong snips here. I just realised she didn’t show me the view of the sides after she was done. She just showed me what the back looked like. Stupid me.

These shots were taken by Jobelle after I met up with her when I was done with hair and also facial. I forgot to get her to take a front shot so here’s a selfie with my redish face after much torture from removing the blackheads on my nose!

December 8, 2014

Fixing my messed up shortbob at Bench Fix.


The hair stylist with blonde bangs.


It was only worth 250 pesos so I won’t expect much.


The finished product.

Let’s compare it with my own snip yesterday,


Let’s just say I am not very satisfied with my trim. And the hair stylist didn’t really capture what I had in mind. So I guess I just have to wait 2 more months before I have it trimmed again.

Perhaps when I go to another salon the next time, I’ll just show them that I want my hair to look like this from the side,


This side view above best describes the kind of hair I have in mind..


For now I’m stuck with this. 😕

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July 5, 2014

Split Ends be gone. #haircut


Finally had time to myself for a haircut. So I never tried Bench Fix Salon before and decided I should give it s shot. Just trimmed the edges and snipped away the split ends. Cut off about an inch of my hair length. I still feel like my hair is overly long but its alright for now. I’m already planning to cut it into a short bob next year. Problem is, my hairfall condition is worsening.

The hair stylist suggested I pay 1.5K for a hairfall treatment in which they placed a hot oil serum and massaged it into my scalp, leave it in for 15mins. And so I availed it, being kind of ashamed of my bad hair.

All in all, spent about 1.8k including the wash and cut. I really need to find other means of making sure my hair fall does not worsen. I’d have to do more research on what kind of supplements to take to make sure my hair roots are strong and doesn’t fall easily.

Not sure if you can see the end product since I was also wearing a black shirt.


The before and after.