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May 17, 2014

j’ai faim!!! #favoritephrase


j’ai faim!!

This is by far my most favorite French phrase I’d like to say over and over again!

Picture above is a dish lovingly made by my roommate Juliet from Palawan for breakfast this morning. Ground pork stir fried with carrots, baby corns and potatoes. Yummy! Haven’t had much home cooked meals in a loong time. I had so much rice with this! 😱

Another 2 more 3 hours of French class and my 5K worth of 24 hours is done. Sure going to miss my French instructor Ophelie. Hoping to save up another 5K and sign up for the next session in August.

May 3, 2014

Le Coude Rouge.

The Merguez. (Lamb Sausage) Php 180


Although you can’t really see it, the lamb sausage is hidden underneath all that lettuce and cucumber.

I opted to eat at the restaurant that my French school has. Apparently we get a student’s discount. I hope thats true.

I was suppose to chill in the library but for some reason, the library was closed today. Good thing I finished my homework at the apartment before heading here today.

For dessert, I actually ordered a Banana Chocolate Pie but the waiter just informed me that they didn’t have it today. So he suggested Mango Pie for me. Why not?


I loved it! Super!

April 26, 2014

Subsitute Professor for the day, Amiel.


He talks too fast. And doesn’t do much English explanation. Ophelie is sick so he had to sit in for her class. I really need to brush up and practice my French more often. I been slacking really.

April 12, 2014

All things French.


Had a chance to hang out in the Alliance French School library today cos I had to do my homework. After done with that I browsed around the place and figured I should borrow a book, a movie and a music cd to get myself into this language. Its one of the best ways to learn the language right?

Of course, being the lazy reader I am, I borrowed a comic book (dessinées) instead of an actual novel. Hehehehe.

Just by looking at the cd cover, i knew I was gonna enjoy the music genre of Tété : A la faveur de l’automne. and I really did!

Also got the movie “Extension du Domaine de la Lutte” which I think is about some dude trying to get revenge on the world because he was depressed or something. I’ll find out after I watch it.

No French class because of the long Holy week and Easter holidays. So the class would be replaced at the end of the session which is sometime end of May. I’m really beginning to enjoy the lessons but I just wonder if I have the money to continue the classes next session too.

February 6, 2014

A new season to look forward to. #education #language #nottoolate


Dear Lord,
I wish to enroll in this Language school. I wish to acquire this skill to perhaps use it for a career in the future. If I have found favor in Your eyes Lord, may You bless me and pour forth Your provision so I may be able to continue on studying and enrolling in this educational journey. May I be used in this endeavor to bless others too and glorify Your name while doing it. I submit this petition to You Lord, and pray that Your will be done in my life.

In Jesus name, Amen!

Going to enroll for the beginners in French language this coming March. Hoping this will be a time for me to work my brains and not let it be idle and rusted. Hoping that my learning habits will not just stay stagnant but to continue to grow and have more knowledge and gain more skills so God can use me in more areas in life.