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April 8, 2014

Weight Check after 6 weeks!


Woot woot!! 52.2kg yo! I didn’t even realize it! I kept thinking my weight didn’t change since my last weigh in. I was 55.8kg last February 26. Its no wonder people kept telling me I lost so much weight. When I started I was a whopping 60++ kg!

Wow.. Hard work and watching your calories does make a lot of difference. Am on a 58 days streak with MyFitness Pal app and its already becoming my food diary.


Selfie photo taken this morning in the office comfort room. I still don’t feel like I lost a lot of weight though. 😳

March 10, 2014

Its always more fun working out with these bunch! #teammates #fittrip


Carl, Gino, Mart, Myssa, Frans and Lauren signed up for Slimmer’s World gym membership today! Yay!

Its their first day of orientation and I got to work out with the girls even just for a brief moment, it was still a lot of fun and definitely more motivation to work out as a group! Photos taken using Mart’s Asus phone, not bad for front camera 😉


Thanks to the calories burned from all that running, I don’t feel as guilty anymore from all that gorging in of delicious Amber’s food from Grace’s birthday treat! Ehehehehhehe

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February 28, 2014

Compliments from Slimmers World. #yay #tgif


Got a free hand fan from the gym today! Woohoo!

It was given to all those who participated in the special Zumba class tonight from 7:30pm to 9pm. I guess it was a special class cos they were having a couple’s performance evaluation and competition on which participants did best at the zumba class? And when they say “couple” it just meant “buddies” or your gym partner. Don’t know why that had to be a post valentine “thing” though. Anyways, twas a good hour and a half of fun dancing and breaking sweat! Not to mention the instructors are really really attractive. I wish I had their moves.. Aside from the body of course.

Managed a quick run at the treadmill tonight but did not get to do crunches and arm work outs since it was almost closing time when I finished on the treadmill. Only managed to hit 3K run but didn’t reach the minimum 200 calories tonight since I had very little sleep the night before. Didn’t want to break my body a day before the weekend outing!

Tomorrow na!!! Feeling guilty for binge-ing on too much junk food earlier on now my stomach is already bulging 😩

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February 25, 2014

Lazy day at the gym. #guilty #5daysconsecutive


Not in the mood to work out today. So I was rather lazy and did my run half heartedly.


This time I got to compare the Nike App and the treadmill’s calculations.

Slight difference in the calorie counts but the pacing is way off.

Took my time getting to the gym today . Spent some time with Lau and Gino walking around the mall before finally dragging myself to the gym. Next work out day, FRIDAY!

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February 24, 2014

Day 4 in the gym! #onaroll #thisishowidoit #excessbaggage


Trying out the Nike App today even on the treadmill. Thing is, I need to be holding the phone in my hands while running since I don’t have an arm band. Don’t know if I should get one too since I don’t like carrying things with me while I run. Too bad I don’t own a Nike running shoe too. Otherwise I would’ve been able to tag my shoe!

I compared the app details with the machine itself, it doesn’t really tally though so I guess I’d still go with the machine’s evaluation. However, I missed the capture on my phone this time and the display went off before I could get a shot. So I’m stuck with the app’s numbers then.

I actually spent 30minutes instead of 25mins. The first 5 minutes was a brisk walk and I kickstart my running pace after 5minutes.

According to the app, I burned about 220 calories. But I recall the machine displayed only about 202 calories.

Oh well.

1 more day at the gym before I rest! The treadmill felt easier today. I wonder if it was because of all that carbo loading I had yesterday ?

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February 23, 2014

Nigella Lawson is my gym buddy this morning. #gym #tlcchannel #excessbaggage


I totally dig this lady and secretly wish I could be her. Had a great 3k run on the treadmill thanks to her show.


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February 22, 2014

Feels good to break “real” sweat! #workit #gymmode #excessbaggage


My 3K on a Saturday.
I’m on a roll once more! 3 days consecutively baby!


I guess a little selfie to show how hard I worked my butt off wouldn’t hurt?

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February 21, 2014

My companion while burning some emo-eating calories! #aionetc


My 3.877 km for a work out Friday night.

This is how Papams does it.

Friday was a chillaxing day at work. Despite a sudden rush of emotional turmoil, I was quickly comforted by very loving colleagues like Mart and Lauren. Thank You Lord for surrounding me with these friends!

And I tend to be emotional these days after work because I start to feel like I am alone and didn’t want to feel lonely. So after work, Gino and Ralph (again, wonderful and loving colleagues!) kept me company while I went on my emotional eating roller coaster. Had a half slab ribs from Kenny Rogers and then had TONS of Onion Rings from Burger King. To top it off, had Razon’s Halo Halo at Glorietta 4 Food Choices where we also bumped into Carl and Myssa who were having dinner there.

All that emotional eating had me overshoot my daily calorie cap by 1,190 calories!! I was even supposed to get a J.Co’s donut until I realized just 1 donut was gonna cost me 250 calories I figured I should skip that for now.

So there’s the reason to work out on a Friday night. Had a full on Cardio night with Zumba at 7.30pm and even continued with an hour of running on the treadmill then the cross trainer machine. Still didn’t burn out all the 1K ++ calories! Tsk Tsk Tsk…

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February 20, 2014

Calorie Burning. #gymmode #excessbaggage


My 3K for the day and “The Break Up” on HBO accompanying my run.


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February 11, 2014

Work it. To the max. #gymmode #excessbaggage


30 mins on the treadmill. My 3.5k for today!

Time: 30 mins
Distance: 3.627 KM
Calorie: 262 kCal


I also spent 30 minutes on the cross trainer, after doing some sit ups and hand weights exercise. I was so envious of my view right in front where there was an on going aerobics class and just looking at the ladies working out to moves that are easy but also fun to do made me want to get off that cross trainer machine! I didn’t reserve a spot for aerobics today since I did already yesterday. Plus I didn’t want to end up disappointed again with all the turning and stepping moves the other instructor made us did yesterday.

gym2 gym

So 30 mins on the cross trainer and I burnt another 138 calories! I accidentally got my foot stuck on the machine while trying to get off it and reach for my phone below the machine. It was still moving too quickly although the work out was already stopped. Fortunately I didn’t break my foot but instead broke the plastic cover of the machine. OOps!!

Here at the Salcedo Branch of Slimmer’s World and I don’t understand why I had to pay extra for all branch access when this particular branch sucks so bad! No cable tv on their treadmill! Imagine the torture of running aimlessly for that 30minutes! Oh the horror 😣😣😣

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