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December 9, 2014

First time at TokyoCafé Venice Piazza.


Dinner with Galerose. Since we both were curious about this place yesterday when we passed by after Agave Mexican, we told ourselves we’ll give it a try tonight.


We ordered Miso Ramen, The California Maki and Oyako-Ju.




The biggest deal breaker for me would be the rice that they used. They used regular long grain rice instead or the Japanese rice! Hmph!! 👎

Spent about 760 pesos for the two of us on 3 dishes.

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July 3, 2014

Dinner at Uncle Lo’s Recipes.



At my bro Walter Lo, the chef’s place having dinner! With the fambam + our special guest, aunty Kitty! Coming straight from Kudat, we all went to Walter’s resto to have his signature dishes for dinner. The curry fish head and spicy crab!

And because I am sooooo special, I get a special piece of humongous prawn! The size of almost aunty Kitty’s palm! Wowzers~



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April 25, 2014

Ukokkei Ramen Ron! #foodtrip


At the Tuscany Private Estates McKinley Hill, a few blocks away from my office building. With Jaja, Lauren and Mart! Our first time at this place and we wanted so bad to try their “highly recommended” TantanMien that we specifically planned this foodtrip tonight even if it means having to wait around for 2.5 hours before their restaurant opens at 5:30pm!

We were hanging out at the office pantry after work, and then even headed to Dunkin Donuts Cafe at Venice Piazza and had munchkins before dinner!


The menu of the night consists of “soft boiled” eggs (the Japanese Version). I honestly thought it was going to be the runny version.


The steam-fried Gyoza ordered by Lauren. Php 120 for 5 pieces.


And for the love of eggs, Mart and Jaja ordered a total of 3 plates of Tamago! Php 120 per 5 pieces.


And finally the looong awaited Tantanmien. Worth 390 pesos but its really good for 2 persons if you don’t eat so much. It was rather disappointing because the soup was soo oily, and I guess because it was served very hot, the soup also tasted more spicier than ever!

Irah also joined us after awhile for her dinner break,


Much later, Rachelle, Denise, Yen and Andrew (Yen’s bf) came and joined us for dinner too. We didn’t manage a group photo with them though.

All in all, the food was just so-so. I am not a big Ramen enthusiast but I can tell when its NOT good. So this one is a definite thumbsdown from me.

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April 15, 2014

First time at IHOP! 😜🍴


After the Walkway at Highstreet, next in our agenda for bonding today was food trip at iHop! It was the first for most of us except for Mart! I was already so hungry that i totally forgot to take a photo WITH my food that I ordered! >.<


Group shot! Carl, Myssa, Marky, Lauren, Mart, Frans, Mack, Ralph, Grace, Kevin and myself right at the end. It was nice to see Kevin, our Japanese (but really American) FLA join us for a bonding session!

My Chicken Fajita Omelette!


This costs 295 pesos with a side dish of 2 pieces buttermilk pancakes.


What most people say about their pancakes is true though. Nothing to rave about really. I did however, enjoyed the Newyork Cheesecake Pancakes that Lauren ordered.


Looks really nice with all that Strawberries too!

March 29, 2014

Dinner at Family Mart post work-out. #diet #eatclean #excessbaggage


This place is now my new favorite Convenience Store.

Got a Kani Salad worth 99pesos. Its served with Creamy Roasted Sesame Dressing.

Also a serving of dragon fruit, melons and fuji apple worth 55 pesos. Yum.

March 11, 2014

Banana Nutella Crisp Bacon Toast #breakfastgoodness #breakfastfordinner #craving


Because I didn’t get to try Pancake House’s new menu last Sunday when I first saw it, I decided I should have it today just before going to the Tuesday Service at Makati Sports.

And because I had a good control of the calorie intake the rest of the day, I now have more space for a slightly heavier meal. Yay!

It tastes awesome btw! Also topped with almond flakes and icing. Mmmm…. I have to keep ignoring the fact that this whole meal is a whopping 625 calories or more! 😩😩😩

I’m here at the Pancake House Valero Street which I once used to live just across the road. Despite the place being slightly pricey, its a usual go to place for omelette and pancakes of course.

Seated at my usual favorite spot! The wall of movie posters ^_^


Hmm, I do wonder sometimes if they ever update that wall of posters with newer movies?

I checked my previous post back in 2011 here and found that for 3 years they still have not changed the posters!

February 27, 2014

Preparing my take out dinner for tonight! #eatclean #diet


Making my own salad! Using iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grapes, tuna flakes, cheese, a hardboil egg and topped with cashew nuts and almonds! Woah! This is a full on meal with up to 389 calories! Almost 400 just for a salad! Gulp.

The finished product! I am ashamed to say that this salad took me an hour to prepare.. 😓 Totally not made for culinary.


I am hoping this will taste good with my yoghurt dressing. *fingers crossed*

*update: it tasted awesome!! Can’t wait to find the time to make this again!

February 25, 2014

Adobo Bangus with Okra. #cravings #breakingthediet #guilty


At Aida’s Chicken Place Makati Cinema Square. Was totally aiming at the okra. 99 pesos for this meal! Its a total value meal!!!

I don’t think this should be a post work out meal though. Gulp.