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April 4, 2014

Dannon’s Oikos Black Cherry Greek Yogurt.


Bought this rather expensive yogurt to try out what imported goods taste like. It was about 95 pesos and it was a 50% discounted price and I reckon its because it was expiring pretty soon.

They also had a blueberry flavor but I didn’t get that cos it was expiring tomorrow. I didn’t want to risk getting a bad yogurt.

As I expected, I never really liked the “cherry” taste. Its got a very distinct taste of sweet but weird that I never really liked which is why i don’t eat cherries whenever it comes topped on cakes, unlike how other friends and families around me always fight to have it.

This little tub is about 130calories and I still prefer the other greek yogurt I had before. It just so happens they ran out of stock for now. Oh well.

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March 11, 2014

Lets eat! #lunch #eatclean #diet #excessbaggage


2 slices of Oven-roasted Turkey spam, a cube of Laughing Cow cheese, corn cob, cherry tomatoes, some Iceberg Lettuce with a light vinaigrette dressing. All in all totaling about 230 calories.

Taste awesome but I have to be honest, it wasn’t very filling. I think I’ll be hungry again very soon. Like in an hour or less than 2. 😳

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August 4, 2005


i have decided that i must challenge myself to not eat rice. or maybe rice for only 1nce a week. sunday maybe, during family lunch after church service.

other days, i think i’ll want to stick to my oatmeal breakfast and prolly for lunch i’ll need to tapau steamed carrots and corns. and dinner i’ll have corn again!

so thats how my diets gonna go. hope my mom will be supportive and buy me the food i need!

am gonna give this a shot and see how much weight i can lose in a month.