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December 15, 2014

Shake and Bake! #dessert #morningsweetness


The Mack is back! After a whole week of being sick and out of the office last week, he came back to the office with a bang!


The Shake & Bake cake-push-pop! Very intriguing idea!


Thanks for sharing Mack!

Check out @itsshakeandbake in their Instagram page and

November 8, 2014

Cinnabon Goodness.


“Life needs frosting”.

I guess it does sometimes.


Bought these yummy goodness from SM Megamall while I was walking around looking for a birthday gift for my roommate. Yupp, I didn’t end up leaving the mall with any gift for her but more goodies for me. 😅


OMG the chocolate goodness!!! 5 little rolls for 80 pesos.


Yupp I loved it alright!

March 7, 2014

Gourmet Park Lane @ Glorietta 4. 👍😋🍰🎂🍩🍮


Dessert Haven! Lots of pastries and baked goodies. I chanced upon something interesting called the Bocaditos and was curious to try it. Especially when it has Spinach and goat cheese in it. 65 pesos for this little thing!


It sort of reminded me of Quiche but this has more spinach in it. This particular one that I had was a tad bit salty though.


Here’s one with me enjoying a quick bite!


I was in a dilemma between a Carrot Cake and a Belgian Chocolate Decadence cake but finally decided to go with Carrot since its supposedly more “healthier” and I already had a chocolate fix yesterday.


This was the little counter I got my cake from. I tried some other cakes too but I think this one sort of lingered and got me hooked more than the others.


Well, there goes my calories!

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March 6, 2014

Chocolate Fire. #firstimer #chocolate #finedining #solo


I really wanted Chocolate. And this was how bad I wanted it. To the point where I ended up in a Place called The Chocolate Fire! They don’t serve a lot of real food I think, and it is kinda pricey but the menu does have a few more other pasta and sandwich varieties.

Still waiting on my Cheese and Tomato fingers and the Banana with Belgian Chocolate Dip!

OMG, can’t believe I never made this myself at home! This costs 40pesos just for 1 banana and 160pesos for the chocolate melt!


Love the simple tomato slice topped with cheese on bread. So simple yet very delish!


Gotta have a selfie with the food!


Was also very amused by the ladies and gents little room. So subtle yet funky!


I just have to say, the Banana with Chocolate totally got my cravings covered. It was EXACTLY what my period craving needed! Chocolate that is melting and liquid-y oooozing with cocoa goodness! And the banana fruit just made it even better as oppose to say, cake or even waffles! Healthy yet sinful at the same time! Lol!