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June 22, 2014

Attending church in Malacca. St. Francis Xavier!


Attended the 7:30am mass today. Woah! So early!

Wasn’t allowed to take a photo inside the church so all I had was the newsletter they handed out. At least out of the songs they sang throughout the mass, I was familiar with one!

~Come bless the Lord~
~All ye servants of the Lord~ 🎶

It was a celebration of the Solemnity of the Blood of Christ or something like that. So the Priest was talking about Jesus as the food of life. And he was talking about food! About how oatmeal may not taste good for your palettes but it was good for your stomach. And he even shared about how a nutritionist gave him a list of food not to eat and then he just told the nutritionist, guess I should just stick to eating food from God because only that is real food that would not be harmful to his body.

Interesting message that Indian Priest gave. Hehehehe..

April 6, 2014

Cello with the Music Ministry Band!


God is so good.. He gives us people with wonderful gifts and talents to serve in the music ministry and showcase His glory to His people and church. You are amazing God!

March 30, 2014

Victory Group Bonding day! Starting with service at Victory fort! #itsmorefuninavictorygroup


With Mincy and Belle, while waiting for Margy on her way here.


Pastor Joey Bonifacio preaching Compassion. This dude is super anointed and I really “get” his preaching. Definitely a talented speaker and one of the best in the Metro!

After service shot outside the Every Nation building. It’s a very hot and sunny Sunday! Helloooo Summer~~