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January 26, 2015

Because its Mandarin Monday again.


I told myself that I should take the time to keep up with the languages that I know so I won’t be out of touch with the languages. Hence the birth of Mandarin Mondays, Tagalog Thursdays and French Fridays. Since its Mandarin Monday today, so I opted to go with the easy way of learning Mandarin by reading the Chinese characters subtitles on the TV drama series. Works for me best! Heheehehe..

Thanks to online streaming, I took the time to watch this “Loving, Never Forgetting” (恋恋不忘) drama series starring the ever handsome Jerry Yan. Irah and I saw the commercial for this series from the office pantry’s tv that they were about to broadcast here in Pinoy Telly so I figured I’d go check it out and see if I’d like it.

Its about this young hotel tycoon who refused to get married and settle down, only to find out that he actually has a 5 year old son. Then realises he wants to keep the son and take full custody of the child. Hence the ever drama coming from the not so capable mother.

After 3 episodes in, I am hooked!!

June 30, 2014

BKT with the fambam. #bahkutteh #dinner #noplacelikehome



Just my sister and her family + mom and I for this dinner. Bro and fam is away in Tawau for 2 nights so guess we’ll just have to go ahead and enjoy the Bah Kut Teh without them. XD

Day 4 in KTown, I got quite a bit of things done already. In the morning I had to do some errands like sending my grandma off to the hospital for her monthly physiotherapy. Then on to pay for the Cukai Kadaran (in English..??) for the house at Damai Payment booth.

Then chillaxed a bit at home, dug up all my boxes in the store room. Something I like doing every time I get to come home. I like to look back at the things from my past and in that moment somehow it brings me back to the past and what I was like back then. It wasn’t easy getting all that boxes out from the store room cos my mom stuffed it all and squeezed them real deep into the store room. I was drenched in sweat by the time I was done moving all those boxes out and transferring other heavy boxes in. Can’t believe my mom managed to do all this on her own?!

In the afternoon I spent some alone time at the Wisma Merdeka mall and looked around to see if there is anything new there. It was rather quiet, not many people and the food court at the 3rd floor is no longer there. I didn’t even bothered to have lunch since I was alone, and I figured we’d be getting dinner at Yu Kee’s Bah Kut Teh so I just saved my stomach space for later and opted for some beancurd, fruits and a barley drink.

If I blink my eyes just a few more times, its gonna be Saturday already and I would have to leave by then! X(  Too soon too soon..

March 2, 2014

Dinner treat from Miggy & Kath at PASSION.


Thanks to Marky’s coaxing, Miggy brought us for an unplanned dinner treat at Passion Resorts World! Well, not much of a coaxing really since all Marky did was suggested if they were game for dinner somewhere before going our separate ways and heading home. Since we were all going towards Resorts World, that was where we ended up! Real gentleman that Miggy ^_^

And since we were already there and happen to pass by the membership counter, Lauren and I got our permanent cards for the Resorts World membership! So now we can make use of their free shuttle services around Manila ! Woohoo!


Obviously their camera is very lousy and I was not “camera-ready”.

February 23, 2014

Tofu Casserole. #chinese #vegetables


For 108 pesos this is all vegetable and good for vegetarians.

Also had Shaomai for dinner, and not the usual Xiao Long Bao here at Peace and Happiness. Not too bad, its some kind of soft minced meat but it doesn’t stick together and even has some rice bits in the mix.


Thanks to Nikoboy for recommending this dish. Now there are other things I could order here aside from the regular xiao long baos.

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February 22, 2014

Have I mentioned how much I like Asparagus?


Having dinner at MongKok Dimsum Restaurant here at Glorietta 4. Its 170 pesos per plate quite pricey if you ask me and I hope its not too high in calories. I am guessing this is about 200++ grams in weight.

And this will be my main course! Stuffed eggplant! I miss this!


Does not look quite like what we have back home, and they use fish cakes instead of minced pork but it’ll do for now. This 3 piece stuffed eggplant costs 75 pesos but I didn’t like the taste of the fish cakes. Very artificial indeed.

Time to dig in!


January 31, 2014

马年吉祥~ 新年快乐~


Google’s search page celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year. Year of the HORSE~!

It’s gonna be a quiet one for me this year. Don’t even have any Ang Paos.. boo hoo.. But I think I heard a bit of fire crackers this last night after midnight. Not sure.

Anyway, here’s to wishing everyone back home where the celebrations are high and filled with food, reunions and fellowships :


I didn’t do much on this Public Holiday. I spent all day in front of the laptop and surfing online randomly. Also searched in my photo archive and found some photos and captured events that were not recorded into my blog and so I made some post dated entries.

Headed to music practice at 3pm for Discipleship Event tomorrow. Here’s a shot taken from Isa Fabregas’s instagram, thats me with my glasses and grey cardigan in between Dust and Kiko.


It sure is nice to be part of the picture rather than always be the one behind the camera! Ehehehehe

Practice was finished by 5:30pm, and since I only had Chocolates and Cheese slices for lunch. I was kinda hungry. I wasn’t sure if Peace and Happiness would be open since the owners are Chinese, but yay to me, they were open for business!


So thats my Chinese New Year 年初一 dinner! 小龙包 and some herbal drink in a can. There were some China men and ladies on the table next to me and they ordered 菜肉包 a.k.a Baozi and I didn’t see the food served to them but I figured when you say “veggies,meat and pao” together, I had the wrong impression that it would be a meat with vegetables wrapped kind of dish. So I got curious and ordered that too.

Boy was I ever so wrong.


All it was, was a bun like a regular siopao with Meat and vegetable mashed inside. Tsk. And I thought what was so special about it that the China men/ladies had to have them.

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