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January 16, 2015

Keeping up with Jobelle. #bonding #spiritualsisters


Belle came over to my place early this morning around 8:15am and we just spent time talking and talking all day. Took a break and made Sopas for lunch and that was our eat in meal for the day. Really appreciated her taking the time to drop by and spend time with me. I missed this girl.

And with so much sharing of stories ans catching up with whats going on with her, I just realised I hadn’t talk so much or continuously for so long! wow!

She finally left around 3pm and so that was the whole day spent just in doors with the people we love. God is good and I am amazed at the people He places in my life. Thank You Lord for Jobelle!

March 30, 2014

Finally got my hands on Yabu’s Katsudon!


Today after the 10am service at Victory Fort with my gurls Mincy, Belle, and Margy + Gerald, we headed to SM Aura at BGC and ended up at Yabu since only Mincy had tried the food there and highly recommended it. I wS especially game for it since I had been wanting to try it out for a while now after rave reviews about it. I was quite happy when Belle, Margy and Gerald were all too happy to also give it a chance.


Of course, undeniably the service was rather slow because of the flock of people especially during that lunch hour. We were lucky to get a seat since we opted the less famous spot outside the restaurant where there wasn’t much of an ambiance.


This was my Yabu Special Katsudon which of course was my choice seeing how there is an egg and seaweeds in there. And they also added tuna flakes which was something pretty new to me.

What I thought was a pretty smart way to keep their customer busy was by teaching us to grind our own sesame seeds while waiting for our food to be served.


Once you’re done with grinding, you add in their sauce which has a kind of sweet and slightly tangy taste to it.


Margy and Gerald busy grinding while Belle was also taking photo ops of the utilities and condiments.


My verdict? I loved it! The chicken was thick and filling and soft to the bite. They weren’t stingy with the meat but not too much of it either (at least for me it wasn’t too much), and the unlimited cabbage, miso soup, and watermelons helped made the whole dining experience well worth the wait and the cost. Even the seaweed and tuna flakes we were able to request for more!

And I paid for all that at 355pesos inclusive of service charge. Not bad, not bad at all!

After the whole food trip and digging in on food, we hang around outside the restaurant where there was like a sky deck area and there were water fountains and it was very windy and breezy. Took some photo shoots there too while letting our food settle in our guts.

Of course, being the bottomless pit that I am, I wasn’t done yet! I even got myself Mary Grace’s Mango Bene ( which is like a version of the mango float with graham crackers) at 130 pesos per square slice. It wasn’t bad at all! I thoroughly enjoyed it! This could very well be the next best thing after the mango float from Giligan’s!


I also bought a good moist Caramel chocolate cake for 60 pesos.. Mmmm yummehhh!!!!


This was from one of those booth they have in the middle of the lower ground mall where there was sort of a bazaar like food display going on. There were other booths selling fudge bars and also cupcakes. I also got a sugar free fudge bar but it tasted very dry and horrible. I took one bite and it failed me instantly.


Me no likey.

After all that food trip, we headed to Margy’s home for the first time just to chill and meet her mom and hang out in her room, watched “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball 2”. Simple afternoon spent with these beautiful and Godly ladies!


Thank You Jesus for wonderful sisters in Christ like these! Missing out on Jhwen’s company though as she spends them at her hometown with her family for this weekend. But there’s always next time ^_^

March 30, 2014

Victory Group Bonding day! Starting with service at Victory fort! #itsmorefuninavictorygroup


With Mincy and Belle, while waiting for Margy on her way here.


Pastor Joey Bonifacio preaching Compassion. This dude is super anointed and I really “get” his preaching. Definitely a talented speaker and one of the best in the Metro!

After service shot outside the Every Nation building. It’s a very hot and sunny Sunday! Helloooo Summer~~