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February 3, 2015

Another year older Ginose! 🍰


Happy Birthday Gino! A little Salted Caramel cake by the AM team and us indulging it in the pantry!


I know I look horrid here but oh well, thats what u gotta do when you’re always the photo person! I gotta get myself in the picture too sometimes!


Here’s a shot of my slice and I. This is what it looks like trying to watch 20 episodes of Chinese tv drama in 2 consecutive nights. Aarrgghhh… this photo shows my true age. Sucks becoming 33 in 9 months 😵

December 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Tinabels!


Happy Birthday Tina! Thanks for your selflessness to give your birthday to serve others instead. Photo at the Manila Bayside after CSR. Special lunch treat for the volunteers this time because of the festive season!

December 9, 2014

Pizza treat by belated Birthday Girl Jamie!





The chocolate smores cake? Err merh gerd!!! To die for! I am quite surprised that Caramia does make some pretty mean cakes. At least waaay better than the one in Banapple!

December 7, 2014

Happy 24th Jerona!


The day after the party! It’s Jamie’s 24th birthday! Since she woke up early, I didn’t manage to sneak out for the surprise but went ahead out while she was already awake.

Went down to the Sofitel Bakery and got 2 chocolate slices worth around 250 pesos each.


Blessed birthday girl! Glad to have met you as part of the team! She’s the quiet but sweet one.. Hehehehe

May 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Carlito!


Carl is officially 24 today! More power and blessings to your career dude!

March 30, 2014

Happy 13th Birthday to my first ever niece, Danica Jo! #takemebacksundays #babynomore #2007


My niece turns 13! Oh the youthful bliss! Photo taken way back in March 2007 when she just turned 6 years old! 😱

Lord, I commit this young and beautiful lady, Your precious daughter, my lovely niece, Danica, into Your mighty hands. May You richly bless her, embrace her, protect her, and continue to guide her and lead her as she continues on this journey of life, in a new season. Please watch over her, let Your holy spirit give her self control, work in her to act and to will according to Your good purposes God, so that she may glorify Your name in all that she does. May You bless her with excellence in her studies, discipline and obedience to her parents, but most of all, a heart after Your own. May her life be a testimony of Your faithfulness as she shares Your love to her friends and people who interact with her.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

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March 28, 2014

Friday Breakfast out with the team! Thanks for the treat Jaja!


The team while ordering food at the cashier counter!


Its Jaja’s 23rd birthday tomorrow! My seatmate and mentor. One of the most brightest and knowledgeable person in the team. She may be young, but she’s the real deal when it comes to the right person for the job. She won’t disappoint you. Any employer would be blessed to have her in the team!

生日快乐 Jaja! 祝您心想事成,天天快乐!



February 18, 2007

POST ENTRY: 9th February ’07 (Friday)


It all happened in Luyang house.. I was in charged of taking bestfren out to distract her. I tell you, it wasn’t easy being the one to know, and having to pretend and act as if nothing is happening!It wasn’t easy as well with every excuse I used to get her to the house earlier because she just manages to deflect every excuse I tried on her!!

But finally, it went well, she was truly surprised, and we all had a good time at luyang house, playing the drinking game and just chillin’..

09022007 (5)

09022007 (13)

09022007 (23)

The surprise was a success!!!

09022007 (1)

I just LOVE surprises!!

November 19, 2004

Happy bday to me..

its past 12am, its my bday, i’m not that excited about it anymore.. i used to be.. excited when it comes to my bday.. but not anymore.. i guess it comes with the becoming old thing.

anyways, my bestest fren, which i expected to b the first to sms me at 12sharp, did not sms me. she sms-ed me 24 minutes later. am i being paranoid? i think so. Moi was d first to sms me.. though the first to verbally wish me, would probably be.. ronald? or was he d second?

oh well.. i thought i wanted to go out for a drink or something wid my best fren but it didnt seem to happen. i dont wan to b d one to call her coz … hmm.. coz i want her to call me!

arrogant huh.. well.. its my special month.. my special day.. sheesh… so much for my bday.. i mean, of course i’m also thankful for those that wished me but hey, those closer to me should even more be the one i expect wishes from?? paranoid person talking here!!!!