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June 18, 2017

Snapchat Filters. #random

Like seriously, how did they ever come up with these filter ideas? It’s just brilliant!

Although, it does emphasize my flaws now that the filters make me look too good πŸ˜’

I mean take this photo for example, I mean the left one doesn’t look too bad (at least in my perspective) and its me au naturel, I’m sure I have had worse photos than that (like my ID photo). But the right one makes me look soo good that the left one automatically looks terrible! πŸ˜’

Filters are digital make-up. They make anyone look even better!

Just randomly posting this as I’m so lazy I don’t feel like doing anything else in LIFE! πŸ™„


March 9, 2017

Free Latte!

The perks of hanging around the student lounge where the Barista course is just next door. Yippee!

March 3, 2017

Mid Terms Done.Β 

Friyay! Mid Terms is over! So this hurdle is done for now. Just 4 more weeks to go before the next exam comes around. 😏

So just as a random post while I’m waiting around for someone to finish work so we can go for dinner, let me introduce you to my pencil case. Yupp, this take away clear container is my pencil case. Especially used for exam season. Why? Because its clear and transparent you can see the contents inside and so I won’t have to be accused of trying or attempting to cheat during exams. (Not that I ever would do that of course) Just that I once had some invigilator asked me to take my pencil away because it was not allowed in the examination room. And for obvious reasons as well I guess. So this was my solution for preventing all my pens from rolling off the table. Not to mention, as you can see from my collection of pens, I can never have too much pen.😁😁😁

And oh, you see that green gadget on top of that pen container? That’s the best liquid paper out there in the market. It’s the Paper Mate brand of correcter and this bugger costs at least 7 NZD per thingy. And my classmates have the decency to always borrow it from me and expect me not to mind??? Helloooo??!! This thing is expensive!!! I was this close in attempting to tell the invigilator that if anyone wants to borrow my stationery during exam, they should just tell them NO. But then just before the exam, I saw my Korean classmate brought her own little green paper mate corrector so I said to myself, “good girl, she finally had some sense to buy her own pen corrector!”

And then, I spoke too soon. Around 2 hours into the exam, she raised her hand and asked the invigilator if she could borrow my corrector because hers just ran out. 😳 Of course I was fuming inside 😑😑😑 but I just had to shrug it off because what else can you do right? I hate to be mean but I also don’t like being taken advantage of. Just because I don’t say anything doesn’t mean I am ok with it. Duuhh!!! That thing cost money! Go get your own extra corrector girl!!!! 😠

Ok that’s enough ranting for now. I need to go think about what I’d like to eat to celebrate this milestone.πŸ˜‹

March 1, 2017

Mid Terms again.

When you really should be studying but ended up clearing out old emails instead πŸ™„.

OMG, its March already?!! 😩😩😩

March 18, 2016

Legally 18. Plus more.

Look what I got in the mail today!


My NZ Evidence of Age document, a.k.a 18+ Card.

I mean really, with all that wrinkle on my face and clearly mature appearance, I still need to be checked before getting some good old fashion wine? Besides, youngsters don’t drink wine!

I heard at least two person telling me how good it is to get a hold of this card, firstly, for booze, and secondly it sort of acts as an identity card here in NZ so you won’t have to carry your passport along with you all the time. And I completely agree. So on the 9th of March, I went ahead and got my application processed in the NZ Post Office.


I hate that photo of me, I look so chingky. Can hardly see my eyes. Ugh. See, when I went to the Auckland City library and waited over an hour to have my form signed by the Justice of Peace, (that’s so awesome by the way, free JP service at the library!) I didn’t realize that I needed a photo that he had to stamp on it as well. I thought I could just have him sign the form and then bring a photo with me once I had the time to take a more updated and pleasing looking one. I don’t recall they mention anything on the form that says the photo I provided had to have a stamp on it.

Anyhoo.. it took only 10 days and finally I got my card in the mail! So yay! I feel so much more part of NZ now… hehehehehe..

November 1, 2015

November is here!

I am excited about November only because I finally ‘actually’ reach the age that I always claim to be in advance. On another note, this is what I been doing on my first day of November, again, trying to remember everything I studied and read and hoping these theories will stick in my brains and memories as they do on my bedroom walls.


I mapped out a little keyword cloud on my bedroom wall cos I was just so bored of plainly reading it out of my books, slides and notes that I thought maybe I should stick it where I would see it all the time and won’t miss it so it will keep reminding me of what I need to remember. Oh my wall of accounting theories!



And another totally random post which I tagged along with this post just so I don’t have to make two separate post. I was a slightly happy kid earlier when I went down to the Daiso Japan dollar store and bought some items for 3 dollars each. I been wanting to get a kitchen tool that I could use to drain water out of my instant noodles so I finally found a colanderΒ that’s just about the size that I like. And I also got a lunch box for myself since my flatmate kept using up the other storage containers. So yay to new items!


October 8, 2015

Trying to have green fingers. #gardening #planting #newHobby

I’ll be honest, growing up I never liked gardening. I hated even stepping on grass cos I was worried I might step on some dog poop or something. It just felt weird for me stepping on squishy soil. And with my mom being such a garden enthusiast, I normally take activities like that for granted.

Until recently, I realized how beneficial it is to grow my own vegetables, seeing how prices of vegetables in the supermarket are soaring high. It’s becoming farce! So I decided to give it a go.

Two weeks ago when Audrey Chin took me around, I got myself a starter plant, which my sister suggested. She’s quick to become a gardening pro as well, and I guess I got much of the inspiration and motivation from her too. Those plant starters are good cos it helps me to just continue the nurturing process and see them grow from their baby leaves.

This time, I decided I should start planting the seeds I bought from the dairy and from scratch.


Audrey Pang alsoΒ donated some plastic plant pot to me! Oh the blessings! Thank You Lord!


She even gave me some soil that she has hanging around her garage which she doesn’t use much.


Here’s the pack of Cos Lettuce seeds from Yates brand that I bought from the dairy. I read the instructions too and it seems I have lots of things missing. I didn’t get any fertilizer like the packet suggests so I will have to make do with this for now and let’s pray it will still grow well and healthy.


Look at those tiny seeds!!


I’ve put a little plastic label on the soil to note when I started planting this lettuce too. It’s now nicely placed beside my living room window so lets hope it gets enough sunshine to help it grow. I should be able to see some sprouts in two weeks! Wish me luck!

September 9, 2015

Current Crib. #studentlife #flats



Today I get to move in to my permanent place (for now).


The very tiny living room (with no tv) and its a combo! Living room, dining room, kitchen and even the laundry lining are all in one πŸ™„


The bedroom after much hard work of vacuuming the carpet floor.


And my bedroom door is just beside the kitchen stove counter. Yupp. Its that tiny.

Although I really shouldn’t complain, for 215 per week with unlimited internet, and utilities already included in the rent, its a pretty good deal for having the room all to myself.

The location itself although is only a 15 minutes walk to school, it is a tad bit further from the main food streets and such. At night the place can be rather quiet because the main road in front of the building is already the entrance to the highways.

Well, for now, this will have to do.

Thank You Lord for this place!

August 13, 2015

Upgrading to Windows 10!


Taking the opportunity to upgrade my Windows OS to Windows 10 for free!


I just hope all my documents are still in the harddrive and not deleted or reformatted 😰

June 29, 2015

SPAM maki by Aileen R. #roommates #perks


I am so blessed to have roommates that love to cook and make homemade goodies to eat. Here’s an instance where I get free food even without asking for it!

Thank You Lord for Aileen’s sweet kindness. πŸ™‚