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May 3, 2018

Mid-week day off

It’s only the second day of May, but boy am I glad I already get to take a day off for the week. Since we didn’t have classes for a day, the ladies said we should get together anyway for Wings Wednesdays. As it turns out, people weren’t really up for chicken wings as I thought they’d be 🙄😒, so it was just RJ and I that went ahead and not let the wings deal go to waste.

We didn’t stay for very long at The Pint, just a bit over an hour and at a non peak hour too. One o’clock in the noon time was when everyone went back to their office so it was nice not to have the place overly crowded and noisy like how it usually is. They even played No Doubt songs today! Spiderweb!

RJ had some errands to run, and I had plans for the rest of the afternoon too so we went our separate ways after indulging in our chicken wings. I took a stroll down Portage, passed by Dollarama and as usual, just had to buy something and couldn’t leave that dollar store empty handed! 😅 At least I got food stuff so it was not all to waste hehehehe

Arrived back at the Buhler Center to volunteer for the new Spring intake PACE students. Didn’t have to do much except help with serving the food and just talking to the students. I ended up talking with the university staffs more than I did with the new students. I suppose new students were shy too. They were asked to play a game of Bingo, had to talk to and take the names of people with some criteria according to a list. Apparently, everyone was hoping I was from Hong Kong 😒


They were more excited about getting the list completed rather than eating! There were lots of leftover food, mostly sandwiches, and there was a bit of a drama about the non-veg and veg sandwiches getting mixed together. Anyway, the bunch of new students looked more like mature students than our winter batch did. This was a group from the Human Resources Program and the Project Management Program. Everyone looked very serious and professional, certainly doesn’t look like young hipsters. There was one creepy black guy sort of staring at me though. I tried to avoid eye contact. Urgh.

The event went pretty well, just simple and straight forward. The bunch of students just looked like they wanted to get this thing over and done with as fast as possible. I don’t think they were very interested in networking although it was the main purpose of the meet and greet. However, I am glad that I went to this volunteer thing even though I was initially planning on bailing and just go off to watch Avengers. Little did I know, I was actually meant to be there. Because I got freebies!!!

After the whole event was over, there was about 5 of us who volunteered: Avinesh, Harsh, Azhar and Navdeep. Rhonda and Stevi, the coordinators, got us all an “I heart pace” T-SHIRT! Which was exactly what I needed to add to my very limited wardrobe. On top of that, the ladies got to have the plush Beaver. Awwwww… now I really do ❤️ PACE!

March 25, 2016

More snail mails!


I got mail from Kevin and Grace all the way from the states! So lovely to still have pen friends the old fashion way.

A few weeks ago I sent them a post card from Hobbiton cos I thought of them when I was there. I figured if anyone could relate about going to Hobbiton, it would be Kevin.


Dear Pam,

It was great to get your card yesterday, and a belated Happy New Year to you, too! Sorry to hear Hobbiton wasn’t really as idyllic as it was in Bilbo’s day. We’ve had an unusually mild winter here, though still chilly by Philippines standards. I guess it’s your turn now – since it must start turning cold in NZ just as it’s warming up here.

Anyway, hope your time in New Zealand is great and brings you everything you want and need. Keep in touch and God bless.

Dear Pam,
We received your post card yesterday. What a pleasant surprise! Thank you for thinking of us! My sister-in-law is a Tolkien fan too. We were thrilled to know you visited Hobbiton (minus the crowds!) How’s New Zealand? I heard it’s the land of tasty dairy products! Keep posting photos at Facebook. 💙



I find the snail mail services nowadays are surprisingly efficient. Or maybe its just here in NZ. They sent this card on March 17, and I receive it in just one week! Wow.. and I thought it would take 3 weeks for them to get my snail mail.. Impressive!

December 17, 2015

From Philippines with much love. #bff #sistersinChrist #itsmorefuninthePhilippines #snailmail


More snail mails! Yay! Thank You Lord for sweet and loving friends like Lauren!

Awww.. this is so sweet of Lauren, makes me miss her even more. Love the long written message and even though I must say I was wondering why this particular card design, it was good that she mentioned that she wanted something to remind me of Philippines. Hehehe, okay, gotcha! 😉


I normally post all the messages here, but lemme just sum up what struck me the most:

As much as I want to send you Chicken joy & Palabok, kaldereta, bicol express, puto bumbong, mango float and all the Filipino dishes & dessert that you want, I’ll just eat them for you on Christmas eve. 

This part really made me cry inside, I love how she knows my passion for food and all my favorite food so well!!! Awwww I love you Lauren!!!!

Salamat talaga Lau~ am so blessed to have you as my sister in Christ for life, and to eternity! Much Love!

December 10, 2015

Secret Santa in the Office! #internLife #Christmas2015

Our little office organized a small gift exchange program with some snacks! Crackers with Cheese, dried fruits, strawberries and cherries with chocolate dip! Wow~~ this is probably one of the most fanciest afternoon tea I have participated in.


Everyone first gathered around the pantry while Aimee gave a little speech about how they wanted to organize this little thanksgiving gig and thanked everyone there and wished everyone happy holidays and Merry Christmas.


Once all the formalities were done, the young men all digged in. Huaaahhh!!


After the quick tea time snack, we all gathered around the tree as Nick and Aimee handed out the anonymous gifts to everyone. Sajid’s gift was the first to be called out and he opened it immediately and got to try out his cap!


Here’s a rare group photo we managed to catch with everyone gathered in front of the Christmas tree. Let’s see if I can remember everyone’s name, L-R: Ting, Irina, Aimee, Nick, Pavel, Peter, Sheela, Rogan, Sajid, Aaron, Merwyn, Isaac, Anne and Nithya.


This was the nicest group photo with everyone looking at the camera but too bad my flash was not switched on so the original photo was slightly dark especially with Sajid down below, so I fixed it up with Snapseed.



Aimee was really kind to offer to take a photo of the group with me in it, and yea some people were not ready yet and Rogan was way out the door already. I look awful here too so oh well!


With co worker, Pavel, my very lovely and smiley face tutor/boss Aimee, and the very relaxed and friendly Sajid. The Achieve Accountants team!

Although most people only got 1 gift, I got two gifts!! I don’t know who the notebook was from but it was a very useful gift really, I just ran out of notebook this morning! And the other gift was pretty obviously from Aimee and I know she was very anxious to see me open it but she was busy doing some other things and Sajid kept pushing me to open the gifts already. So she didn’t get to see the excitement in my eyes when I saw the nice body lotion and shower cream that smelled so good! Of course, the first thing I thought was, why do I always get stuck with purple colored stuff? But still, it was a really nice gift and so sweet of Aimee too. I am just wondering how do I thank her? Or should I make her know it was her? Hmm.. here I go again with the social interaction phenomena..

Sajid tried to guess who was his secret Santa and I told him if the gift was a good gift, then I’d claim that I was the secret Santa. He didn’t say it was awesome, which I think considering he is probably not much of a “Cap” person, but he said it was very useful for summer and that was exactly what I was thinking when I got him the cap. So at least it served its purpose! Thank You Lord for the gift idea!

Yippee!! A photo of me standing next to the Christmas tree.. Holiday feels y’all!




December 8, 2015

All the way from the US of A!


Snail Mail!!!!

Nothing beats a nostalgic feeling like getting mails in the post box. Awww.. Kevin and Grace are just really kind and thoughtful. God willing, one day I get to visit them in the States too :-p

Don’t mind the white smeared addresses as it’s meant for security purposes against, ahem ahem..

What a nice little holiday wish and greetings the old fashioned way, and I love it! Here’s Kev and Grace’s message for me,

Hi Pam, Since things are getting pretty chilly here, they must be warming up south of the equator. I’m so glad you’re able to pursue something new and experience a new place. May your holidays be full of cheer and may the new year bring you every blessing. Take Care, Kev & Grace.

Isn’t that sweet? I definitely need to start writing more snail mails too and I’m even considering maybe I should start collecting stamps again!

I’ve added the card up to my “inspiration” wall, cos the card is just so adorable right with birds with hats perched on branches. So cute bah!


November 29, 2015

Belated Birthday Gift from Ate Bea and Kuya Alfred. #spiritualFamily

I got a little surprise today when I got to church! Ate Bea gave me a little package for my belated birthday. Awww.. so thoughtful of her!


TBH, when I saw the Sunglass Hut paperbag, I was almost hoping it would be sunnies since Summer is near and I don’t have a pair of good shades yet for the blaring sun.  But no, not shades, at least not this time 😜


The paper bag also comes with a birthday message for me from Ate and Kuya.

Psalm 33:4

For the word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does.

Happy Birthday, Pam! May the joy in you be filled by the Holy Spirit as the Lord unfold and reveal to you His sovereign will. ❤ Ate Bea & Kuya Alfred


Inside the paper bag, a red L’oreal make up bag! See? Already liking it because its a brand I normally use and I like the color red!


But wait, there’s more inside the make up bag! Rose Hip hand cream, Kimmidoll Soap that comes with a pendant and a Fridge magnet! How nice!


The Kimmidoll soap is a Vanilla Orchid triple mild soap and comes with the “Kyoka” doll. The “happiness” themed doll. So sweet!


Thank You Lord for the surprise Gift and for Ate Bea and Kuya Alfred’s kindness and thoughtfulness! 🙌

August 14, 2015

Charmed Bracelets.


My aunt gave me this bracelet with trinklets hanging from it.


Its got scissors, a pagoda, a teapot, a clothes iron, a bell, a teacup, an abacus, a handbag, and a violin as the charms. Don’t ask me what they all represent cos I have no clue!


Don’t know how much this gold charm bracelet is worth but though I may not exactly wear these often, I still treasure them because of its sentimental value.

Thank You Lord for blessings!

July 24, 2015

My Last Day in Factset. #farewell #leavingPhilippines


Breakfast at the Pantry! With the AM team, Kaizz, Vans, Maru, Stephy, Mart, Mack, Nica and Jamie! I gave them the siomai treat since the concessionaires had siomai served for the day. I took it all and treated the morning team with siomai for my last day.



And this was a surprise! Mack was posting on Facebook about how I should know that they all love me despite not having prepared any gifts for me cos he left his wallet in the office again so he must’ve not have enough cash on hand to get me any gifts. But nope! It was just to tease me! They got me gifts anyway! And I especially enjoyed and appreciated the fact that Mack even made the Mango Float! My favorite Filipino dessert.. awww.. so sweet of him! And he even wore his famous striped red farewell t-shirt! XD



They got me a cook book entitled “Country Cooking – Philippine Regional Cuisines” by Michaela Fenix. They also got me a miniature dirty ice-cream truck. And there’s more! A “Worship Generation” t-shirt that has John 3:16 verse on it (unfortunately I didn’t like the color and the size “Small” because I thought the shirt looked very “manly” and the fact that I was really looking forward to that Map t-shirt I saw from Kultura and suggested it to Lauren but I guess they never got around to getting it). There’s also a purse made of bamboo materials I think? I’m not sure what that’s called but its those natural materials they use from provinces. It was pretty cool idea for a gift though.


We also took a mandatory group photo right at the reception area with the big FACTSET logo behind us. Awww… this was taken a bit over 2pm so some of the PM team is already around so we got to take photos with them too..

L-R: Lionel, Grace, Mart, Omar, Irah, Chloe, Floris, Stephy, Maru, Jamie behind me, Nica, Vans, Kaiz, Mack, and the two Patricks in front of the reception table.

Honestly this last day was pretty stressful. I had to rush some video manuals for the next Chinese FLA that they will be hiring and it wasn’t easy recording your voice especially when the working area was rather noisy, what with people talking and going to the restrooms all the time. Good thing Maru suggested I book a meeting room and do the recording there instead. Mart helped with the room reservations and although that really helped, I kinda wished I didn’t have to be away from the team on my last day of hanging out with them around the station. 😦

I even had to stay until about 5:30pm on that day because I had to do all the HR exit clearance and return all my stuff to the designated people like my headset and company ID and badge.

Manage to also get a last photo with the admin staffs, Kat, Bon, Sienna, Kuya Migs and this girl I forgot her name :-p


Met so many nice people in Factset, and its been all God’s grace to have allowed me a chance to work in this pleasant environment. I have to say this place has been such a blessing in my life, there were more nice people than bad people really, but its time to say Goodbye..


July 13, 2015

Bicol Express and a Shirt with a Cat. #workmatesLove #bffs #sweetnessoverload

I got a nice surprise from Lauren today! She gave me a shirt of hers that I really liked cos it had a cat on the shirt! Awww.. very sweet of her cos she remembered I mentioned how I liked that shirt and told her it would be a nice going away gift for me if she ever thought of giving it away 😝 #hintHint #noShame

*photo of me wearing the shirt on Friday, July 15, 2015 with Lauren who gave me the shirt!

But wait, there’s more! Lauren also brought me home cooked Bicol Express! Her dad made some with fresh coconut milk and with lots of papaya, the special way Ilocanos would do it she says, but I had to save it for later because I didn’t expect Rosel to also bring Kaldereta for me on the same day!  She got a bit upset with me when I told her I won’t be eating it immediately but I calmed her down and assured her I will eat it tomorrow or tonight and it will be fine as long as I keep it in the freezer.

Thank You Lord for these wonderful and very thoughtful friends. I will surely miss them when I leave, please take care of them and bless them Lord, in Jesus name, Amen!

April 23, 2015

Friendships are defined by these. #sistersinChrist #bffs


Dear Pam,

We get so caught up with our every day routine and I am so sorry that we don’t get to hang out like before (reminisce back to 2012, 2013).
I just want you to know that you are one of my few treasured friends and I want this friendship to stand the test of time and of space. Every so often I catch myself thinking about you, and Jhwen, and Margie, and Mincy and the times when we were all so happy and giddy and excited to see each other and make kwento. I always get nostalgic. I keep you all in my short prayers, especially you.
Pam, even though you sometimes may feel like it, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I am here for you. In times when I can’t be with you physically, you are in my prayers, in my head, in my heart.
Don’t ever for one second think that you might be bothering me or that I don’t have space for you in my life anymore.
I love you, Pam. I have learned to care for you through these years and I decided to always will. Thank you for the gift of friendship. Thank you for being a true model of faith and of strength that doesn’t come from ourselves but from our God.
Much Love,
Now this is the kind of friendships that I treasure. It’s really lovely to be surprised by little things like this that may not seem much to some but it means a lot to me. I get encouraged, inspired, and most of all, feel appreciated and so loved. I haven’t thought of what to say to her back. I mean, I am not one gifted with fancy and touching words, I just SHOW love cos that’s what I do best.
Father, thank You for friends like Jobelle. Thank You for showing Your love to me through her. I could not have asked for a better friend. She’s Your angel.