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June 16, 2017

Scooter Ootd.

Sergii the Ukrainian, brought his new toy to class today. Of course, he also sells them as his personal business so it was a good marketing strategy to use the product himself.

I don’t know what they call this thing nowadays. A scooter? A motor scooter that is. The motor runs in the wheels and apparently this is a chargeable device so good for long distance walking like, around the city. I mean, if it normally takes you 20 minutes to walk from point A to point B, it makes sense to use this right? He’s selling it for $700 but I’m not too sure what the market rate is at the moment. Not that I am interest or anything, it is not a “need” for me at this point. I just wanted an ootd with the gadget 😝 

Photo credits to HeyG the Korean.

July 31, 2016

Impulse Buying got to me.

Got myself the iPhone 6 Plus today. I know I know, I just got my Note 5 months ago so why did I buy myself another phone?? Let me get to the beginning of the story…

I woke up yesterday to a phone that had completely ran out of juice. It died on me. I thought having 30% battery from the night before would last overnight until it would wake me up with an alarm but I was wrong.


So I got up, charged my phone as usual and went on to get ready for class. After the whole time of showering and changing, I didn’t realise my phone was not charging! It just didn’t want to charge! I was already late for class so I figured it could be a temporary glitch and went on to class.

After arriving at class, I tried to charge the phone again, and once more, it was not working! It kept showing me 0% and a green blinking light was indicated near the charging port. I reckon it was something wrong with the hardware. So I just had to try and use other power banks to charge it but it still didn’t work.

It was so frustrating. In this day and age, not having a smartphone just feels like I am incomplete. Like I am missing something. I needed to have a way to be connected to the world and the world to me. It seems so strange. Back when I was a 14 years-old student, hanging around school after classes ended, I didn’t even needed a phone to have my mom know where to find me. I would call from a pay phone and dial her office, tell her to come at what time and where, and just BE THERE as agreed.

Aaaaanyway, being the impatient person that I am, I knew that if I took the phone back to where I bought it for a warranty claim, it would take days. So I was determined, that I was gonna solve my problem the easiest way I knew how.

Just buy a new phone.

And amazingly, Saj managed to convince me to not buy a new phone but to take it to the warranty shop just to be sure. I hesitantly obliged.

When we got to the shop, the sales guy managed to get my phone to start up and started charging again! He said that it could be just the charger that we needed to replace, especially when the phone is completely out of juice, we would need a charger thats on a FAST charger that powers up the phone at at least 10Aamp.

So at that point, I didn’t really needed to get a new phone. So I went on to the next half day of my class feeling quite satisfied that I didn’t need to get a new phone although I had already gotten quite excited about having an excuse to buy a new phone, an iPhone in fact.

Then right in the middle of the class, Saj texted me and told me HE got a new iPhone! The iPhone 6 Plus 128GB which was selling for only $1,099! I got so excited that I wanted to get it too! I mean, it was after all, 128GB!!! Compared to my mere 32GB on my Samsung Note. And all the while in my mind, I thought it was the iPhone 6S that he was talking about. I even went to Vodafone right away after class, only to find that the shop had already closed at 4pm. Disappointed but I told myself, I would get it the next day after church.

I didn’t realise it until I bought the phone today at the shop that it was iPhone 6 Plus and not 6S Plus all along. And mind you, even with the new iPhone 7 coming up in the next few months, iPhone 6S Plus was still selling for up to 1.8K for the 128GB !

So I bought the phone anyway since it was still worth it with 128GB and I did needed another spare phone to use in case of emergencies. I wasn’t sure if my Note 5 was gonna fail on me. But I am quite happy with the Note 5 so far. If Note 6 comes along, I may even consider upgrading!


March 21, 2016

Samsung Newbie. #newtoy #note5


Bought myself a new smartphone! Finally!!!! After a few days of going back and forth between a few Samsung models, I finally settled with this one. Which was really what I had my eyes set on from even before I was even considering to buy a new phone. I’m talking about the Note series of course.

My Cherry Boom Boom is still working fine really. I mean, I just finally had the excuse to get a new phone after waiting for Cherry to be outdated. Smartphones nowadays are really quick to “expire” and you reach a point where you keep updating the apps and the OS itself can’t keep up with the apps anymore. Cherry still works fine in terms of the apps, the only problem I had with it was that the SD Card suddenly stopped working. I couldn’t take any photos since it wouldn’t allow me to save the photos to the memory card. I tried reformatting the card, and when I pop it back in the phone, all the deleted files just magically came back! Even after factory resetting the phone, the SD Card was still not working for me. I gave up. So I had to compromise and even if there was no expandable memory for the Note 5, I just have to deal with it and find alternative solutions.


Fresh out the box! Woot Wooot~!!


The box came with a European charger so the sales lady gave me an extra NZ socket for it. Also has a headphone too!


It’s been a while since I last took a good selfie, my hair is getting longer too. So here’s a selfie with the box.

Specifications on the Note 5:-

64-bit Octa Core Processor
143.9 mm (5.7″) Quad HD AMOLED
16MP(OIS) / 5MP
Wireless Charging (Charging pad required)
KNOX Protected
32GB Memory




I’m so eggzoited!!!!


The price tag on this baby? NZ$1,079 inclusive GST. And I paid an additional 10 bucks for the screen protector. Pricey? Well, kinda, but I think that’s the best option for me for now. Not too high end that it burns my pocket too much, but yet not too low on the tech scale that it would be outdated too soon. I was this close to crazy buying and wanted to just go for the recently released Samsung S7 Edge, but I kept going back and forth thinking I really didn’t like the EDGE part of the screen, and not to mention that it was just a 5.5 inch display and not a 5.7 inch display. I mean, people will say that’s not a big difference but when you have old people eyes like mine, a bigger screen makes all the difference!

My first choice was really to go for the A7-2016 model as recommended by a friend. But I could’t handle waiting for the stock to arrive. Apparently it was a very popular phone around here and it’s always sold out. I would’ve wanted to wait for it if it was not because of my Cherry’s micro sd function failing me. But then again, I was also still drawn by the Note 5 being so suited for how I use my smartphones as my planner and life manager. Like really, I even record my period days using a period tracker app!

So yea, I think the Note 5 will be good for me.  🙂

August 8, 2015

For the love of Karaoke. #newtoy


Got myself a Microphone! And this cost only RM 14.80 for two microphones! Pretty good deal too! Got this at one of  the KK Plaza shop that sells lots of other household stuff in one place. Now I can enjoy having karaoke at home!

August 8, 2015

The Lumix G. #newtoy #Panasonic


I finally upgraded my 5 year-old handy camera! Had to go with a white color since that was the only one in stock. I just didn’t anticipate that it was going to be sooooo white!


This baby cost me RM 2,100 but I figured instead of getting another new smart phone where I could get quality photos taken, I might as well get a camera with a wifi connectivity that allows me to upload the photos instantly through my smart phone!



Bought this camera from a camera shop in KK Plaza down in the city centre that my brother in law recommended. Above is a photo of the salesman (Ah Siong) that my brother in law was dealing with to help get this particular model, DMC-GF7K that I wanted. He was very friendly and Tom seemed to have a good connection with him since he has bought 3 other cameras before from this same guy.





The dude also gave me a free cleaning kit cos Tommy requested for one. And check out the bag that came with the Lumix! I thought it would be something cooler, like the free towel I got from my last Lumix purchase about 5 yrs ago!

August 4, 2015

Fixed my watch!


Yay! Good ol crocodile lives another few years! (hopefully)

Went into the Maradano watch shop in Wisma Merdeka and paid for the glass and the needles to be fixed for RM 50 + RM 15 only for the battery. Thank You Lord I didn’t have to buy another brand new watch!

This good old watch has faithfully served me for 5 years now!

I also got my Swatch strap changed. Paid RM 38.00 for this plain black plastic strap so I won’t have to get irritated skin from wearing the steel garterized bracelet type of strap.


Was strolling around Suria Sabah mall when I saw a Swatch shop so I figured I should get my straps changed. So this us now my casual wear watch! Although the gold color doesn’t really match the black but I guess this should do for now. 🙂

June 7, 2015

More Storage.


Yay to RM399.00 worth of 2TB Portable Storage Drive by Seagate!

Bought this from one of the computer gadget shops at Karamunsing 3rd floor and it was the only shop I managed to find that sold the Seagate Brand.

So no thinking twice and I grabbed it! Yay!

January 24, 2015

The Huawei Mobile Wifi E5373.


Curiousity does not just kills a cat, it kills my wallet too. Bought this gadget for 4,800 pesos at Glorietta 2. Been so hyped up with Internet connectivity lately and speed that I wanted to learn what the LTE or 4G fuss was all about.

Haven’t been able to use an LTE data package yet. Seems that LTE for globe is only available to post paid customer. My smart sim is still under a regular internet package so I guess I’ll have to wait it out for a week before I get to really make full use of the LTE data plan. We’ll see, we’ll see.

December 2, 2014

Got my LazyPod!


And now I also know what its called in Chinese! “多功能手机支架”

My seatmate Bernice the entrepreneur sold this to me for only 120 pesos. I was checking this item out at the mall and they sold it for 300! She was about to give it to me for free! Of course I had to decline as it wouldn’t be nice since it is a business that she is running.


Yay! So happy with my gadget! Now I can watch movies on my phone while lying in bed! Weeheee!!

November 26, 2014

More and more blessings!




God is so so so good to me!! Bernice came back from a two days sick leave and still managed to get me a birthday present!!!

A XiaoMi Powerbank!! And its a 10,400 mAh capacity too! Double of what my current powerbank offers.

I am so blessed that God places such wonderful people in my life.

Thank You Lord for Your Love and assurance!