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June 23, 2017

Fake Collar. #ivegotmail #wishapp

Another parcel arrived today! I thought it was my Nucerity package that I’ve been waiting for weeks but as it turns out, it was this!

It’s called the “Fashion Blouse False Collar”.

The material is soft but I don’t know whats it called, not too sheer so it still looks good.

I was having a hard time trying to get a sleeveless collared shirt around town and so I decided to just get this online from the Wish App. I really wanted this just for the sake of having a white collared shirt that I could use to take a photo ID with. In Malaysia and apparently also in the Philippines, passport photos must be taken with a collared shirt. No idea what the logic behind it is. Looks more formal? professional? whatever.

It does make me look smart. Doesn’t it? šŸ¤“

June 2, 2017

First ever dress bought online!

I don’t usually buy clothes online, knowing how my curves abd edges are not exactly standard size you know. So when I do try to get clothes online, it’s either things that are stretchy and an easy fit that you can’t go wrong like socks and t shirts.

I saw this maxi dress on the Wish shopping app, and I just loved this vintage patterned dress. I don’t know if I am brave enough to wear this outside of my home but I can try I suppose šŸ˜œ

I spent around $28 (includind shipping) for this dress and I thought that was fair enough. Am quite happy with this purchase really, given its my first time buying clothes online.

Now I just need to figure out when and how wiuld I wear this without looking like I’m wearing a table cloth or curtains šŸ˜

If all fails, this would really be a nice nightgown too! šŸ˜‚

August 11, 2016

More spending. #urgh

Cotton on sports bra, $35 Ā for two. What a deal right? I don’t know whats worse. Retail therapy? Or stress eating. Urgh.

I have not been watching my weight and health in general these days. Its all just work work work work work~ and not the booty shaking, all out sweat kind of “work” but the kind that makes your eye sight worse and your bum stuck to a chair all day.

I really have no excuse for this. I find that it was mostly because I feel obliged to do overtime and get work done because I am paid to do it, rather than back in the day when I was just volunteering, I could leave work on time and not feel bad for it because I don’t get paid for it anyway.

So here I am stuck with my fat overweight body and no time to do any other sports activity. I am definitely making up excuses here. So why bother getting the sports bra you say? Well, I only got it to wear at home comfortably. I didn’t even bother to try it out when I got to the store. Just picked the largest size around, (was looking for XL by the way) and “Large” was the only one left.

Off I went and spent 35 bucks for the two sports bra and an extra 2 bucks for a tote bag that I got which was suppose to be a donation. I don’t know how true that is, but if they are trying to get more sales by telling customers that its for a good cause, thats a pretty tricky strategy.

December 31, 2015

New Kicks for New Year’s. #nike #chucks #retailtherapy


Finally took the plunge and got myself new kicks for the New Year. And not just 1, but 2 pairs of shoes for me, myself and I.


Been eye-ing this pink-amber chuck taylors for weeks now, but I kept stalling and telling myself to wait until my old pair of $15 dollar Warehouse shoes fall apart and get worn out. But today, I was feeling a bit down and low so I decided to useĀ retail therapy to fix my blues away.

Aside from the chucks, I knew I wanted the Adidas shoes but since they didn’t have it in my size, I figured I should get the New Balance walking shoes, and based on the sales lady, Isabella’s recommendation, I got the Nike one with a pink logo and some maroon on the back which was what she suggested I should get.

The Nike costed me $120 and the chucks were $109. Very pricey if you ask me but it had got to be done. At least it was both on Sale.

Happy New Year to me!!

December 1, 2015

December Blues.


How blue can you get? Cobalt Blue.

Because of the new month, and the last month of the year, I decided to celebrate it with a little shopping. Just a little, not too much.

I felt like I was running out of tops to wear since the last time I bought the Coral and Green shirts, I still felt like I didn’t have enough to wear in the week. The weather is getting really warm too so I needed to get more lightweight apparel. So much for being in a colder country but still not getting any of the “White Christmas” feels. But its alright šŸ™‚

This piece was a $15 dollar buy at Warehouse. I think it was on a promotional price but I can’t really tell. I mean for a $15 here, the material feels like I can get this from back home at an RM15 price too. šŸ™„

Oh well. Hello, December!

November 10, 2015

More Colors to my Wardrobe.

Today, I got a bit carried away.


During lunch break today after finishing my 6 dollars rodeo bbq Burger King stunner meal, I headed towards Warehouse to check out if they had any new good deals. I also really wanted another pair of that denim jogger I got the other day but in dark colored denim. I found it alright. But I also saw one size smaller (a size 10) and thought I’d just try it out and see if it was any good fit at all.

It fit me, a but snuggly than I’d like but it could work. So I was caught between the size 10 and the size 12. But the crazy me figured, I needed more pants anyway so why not both??


Then I also passed by some really colorful t-shirts and thought to myself, Hey I need some color in my wardrobe aside from the regular black and grey! So I hit myself up with a neon pink/coral looking t shirt and a pastel green. I usually don’t go for greens but this color was very pleasing to my eye so I went for it. It was 10 dollars each tee, and this time around, there was no deal for the denim joggers so I had to pay full price of $39 each! 😱😱😱

Came out of Warehouse with a big hole in my pocket. Spent over 100 dollars in just one visit! 😰

November 5, 2015

Post exam Shopping.

Because there was no electricity in the apartment, I had no choice but to go outside. And outside I did, with my bank card happy to see the sunlight and swipe away… urgghhh

I had to go out because I felt like I was trapped inside the house without power, without Internet. I feel even more disconnected with the world (although most of the time I really am disconnected emotionally) if all I did was stay home and do nothing but read and have no internet. Although I already did that yesterday after coming home from the mid terms, that was enough for now.

So out into the world I went, with some agenda as well, it’s not like I went out without any purpose or goals. By the time I left the apartment, it was already 10am. Pretty late start to the day but I was in no rush anyway, unless the power in the apartment came back on. I took a quick bite from Subway, headed straight to the library to return some books, then off to the post office and sent an overdue snail mail for my sister. Then down queen street I went, window shopping and just looking around for good deals and sale that I could spend money on.

First thing I bought was actually a replacement. A replacement for the lens cap I lost on my trip to Rotorua last September. It was not a very big camera shop, so it only sold certain limited items but thankfully, they sold the size of the lens that I had on my Lumix, the last one on display as well. Kaching! $24.95 gone.


At least my lens is protected now. It really bugged me that my lens was always exposed and I kept worrying if I would accidentally scratch them lens. Now I just need to worry about losing this lens cap, again.

After getting out of the camera shop, I started noting down my own “Wish list” or “Want” list. One of them was a fish eye lens. By golly that was super expensive. The one they sold in the shop cost $1065!!! Craay cray for me to get one now but hopefully someday.

Then I also hopped in to Cotton On and Supre just to find some nice loose top/tee for daily casual wear but I didn’t find any that I liked and was value for money at the same time. Finally I ended up at Downtown shopping mall and dropped in to this shop I always saw before going up the escalator to Warehouse, I think its call “Postie”. Nothing much I personally liked, it was a lot of plus size clothing which I think my mom would so enjoy it here. But then I saw this sweater-Tee for $14 and I liked that its blue and the print text says “J’adore Mon Chat” which I can proudly say I know it says “I love my cat” in French even without checking Google Translate! I know I don’t own a cat now, but I am a cat person anyway and if I did have a cat, that’s a shirt I would definitely have in my closet.


Tried it out and though I would’ve preferred just one size larger (this one was XS btw) I guess I could work with this one. So I got it anyway.


And since I was already there in Downtown, how could I not stop by my all time favorite go to store? Warehouse! It’s where most of the good deals and cheap stuff are but not all the time though. You have to catch them at a good time, and that’s why it’s important to keep up to date with their offers and sales.


I actually saw this black knit top with chiffon under it and really liked it a few weeks back and almost bought it but it was not on sale at the time so I ditched it. Until today, it’s one size larger, a 14 instead of what I would normally go for, a size 12, but it was going for only $12. After trying it out and thinking really hard (cos I knew I needed variety in my wardrobe, there’s just too much dark colors) but finally deciding that I so desperately needed another top already aside from my leopard print one. Only to find out later from my receipt, it only cost 6 dollars! Score!!!


And what is this you say? Well, that’s just my impulse buying taking over me. I was doing fine with a plastic bowl we have in the apartment, but then I saw this glass bowl (microwave safe too) and thought, I need to have one of this. Not to mention it was on sale! From $4.00 it was down to $2.40 (even cheaper than Japan Home’s $3.00 per item deal and this has better quality too) so of course I was gonna buy that. I also considered that I needed an airtight container and them bumped into this Allyson Gofton jar and thought this would be great to put my powdered milk in, and it’s also on sale! Hooray! This was also only $2.40 so I say it’s a pretty good deal.


With all that done, I told myself I HAD to stop and head home quickly before I go crazy and start buying the whole store. Took all my strength to stop myself from wandering and looking at anything else so I headed out of the mall, straight to college to get my email password sorted out then checked my emails quickly then head home. Thank goodness the power was back by the time I got home at 3:30pm.

It had been only 5 hours plus out of the apartment and I felt like I was out forever because of all that spending. Phew! Ok, back to tightening my pockets now.

November 2, 2015

Got myself a new “boyfriend” 😜

“Boyfriend” jogger pants that is! At least that’s what it says on the labels.


I’m a cheapskate and don’t bother looking at brands (most of the time), and as I was eyeing at what new offers, deals and sales at the Warehouse this afternoon during lunch break, I caught this cutie at the display racks!


Since gaining some pounds and extra baggage around my waist lately, my “M” sized pants from Terranova (check it out on this post) that I bought and loved wearing so much, no longer fits me comfortably. I know people say the rule of thumb in not gaining more weight and maintenance is to not keep buying larger sizes and just exercise and watch what you eat, but I totally have the excuse right now. I’m a poor student! I gots to eat poor people food which is normally full of carbs and unhealthy so leave me alone! 😭

I even got this at a promotional price too! Label says $39.00 and I didn’t even realize that it was on sale cos I just loved how comfortable it looked and feel I just wanted to buy it before its all sold out. And whaddya know? It was $10 dollars off! Woohooo!!! Thank You Lord for discounts and awesome deals! 🙌

August 2, 2015

Matchy Matchy! #ootd #family #blackandwhite #sundayservice


Didn’t plan this, but we just happened to wear the same theme to church today. White top with a black cardigan. With my talented niece Tabi J. Great minds think alike!

I paired my top with a navy blue printed maxi skirt from Landmark, while Tabi also wore a dark blue leggings to pair her top outfit. Cool!!!

After church service today, went to Qing Bon Leong at Metro Town and had some dessert and snacks since we already ate some food from the church. I was just so comfortable in my home town and enjoying the company that I totally forgot to take photos of my family group. I also forgot to take a photo of the Durian slurpy that mom and I ordered!


July 17, 2015

I got myself a souvenir! #FilipiƱana #PinoyAtHeart #LeavingPhilippines #Countdown14days


Finally! Got a hold of the “baro’t saya” FilipiƱana! Look how pretty it is! With all the colorful hand painted flowers on the Pinya textile!

And thanks to my roommate Thesille who was so kind enough to accompany me to commute all the way to Divisoria to get this! Initially the first few pieces we saw were either black or green in color and I was really looking for one with the white or cream “nude” shade, and thank God He was watching over us and making sure I got the best stuff! Thank You Lord for providing even with the littlest things!

But wait, there’s more! Because this piece only cost 1,400 pesos after slight bargaining (original quoted price was 1.5k), I was able to get two FilipiƱanas for 1,300 pesos each! Woohooo!


This second piece of FilipiƱana I got is the Maria Clara, also comes with embroidery and hand painted art!


Behind me was the lady who coaxed me into getting two pieces even when they didn’t have the other piece that I fell in love with.


This was the one I initially wanted to get aside from the “mestiza” one with the fluffed up shoulders. The top was a size “S” but my hips couldn’t fit the skirt and they didn’t have any other stock with a Medium sized skirt. I thought to myself, well it wasn’t meant to be. But then this sales lady managed to dig up another piece I was looking at prior to that which at first she said didn’t come with any other color! Tsk! So I didn’t have any excuse or reason to say no to that piece. šŸ˜’

But still, these two was worth the purchase. I had planned to spend a max of 3K on the FilipiƱana and I did manage to keep within my budget!

After mission n accomplished, Thesille brought me to her former university at UST, University Santo Tomas and was suppose to go visit the museum but since it was a Public Holiday (Hari Raya!), the museum was closed. Awww too bad..


Angel-Lyca Bridal Gowns and Barongs
Stall 3E-5, 3rd, Floor Bldg. 1,Ā 999 Mall, Bldg. Soler St., Binondo,Ā Manila
Tel No: 703-5002

I figured I should give them a free advertisement by posting theĀ address of the shop where I got the FilipiƱana from in case anyone is considering to look for them here in Binondo, and came across my post šŸ˜‰