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June 13, 2018

Drama Marathon again 😓😓😓

Oh boy, going through that phase again with Youtube 😳

Sleepless nights and non-stop binge watching this new Chinese drama series called “Love won’t wait (如果,爱) “.


Just happen to saw the advert and marketing for this series on Instagram.


I couldn’t contain my curiosity. Especially when my favorite celebrity is involved. I have always followed the work of Vanness Wu. It wasn’t long ago that I followed another tv series involving Vanness which I loved so much. So it was natural for me to want to see his latest project. As for the female protagonist, Cecelia Cheung, I used to watch her in my early twenties and followed her very famed relationship.

Seeing this show, I was rather disappointed with the voiceover they had done with the actors that I really wanted to watch. Also, the typical “victim” card they played with the female protagonist. Although they did transition and made her character more independent.

One thing that I did notice about the Chinese culture, it seemed that arranged marriage was still prevalent in the modern day. The expectation is that a married woman will do household chores and serve her husband’s family was very much the essence of the show.

I slept for only 4 hours this morning, and then woke up around 10am to continue the marathon. This is a terrible habit of a couch potato. Once I get hooked on a series, I just have to get it done and over with so I can set it aside and focus on my study!!! Urrgghh.. I only have this one day for a break, good thing there isn’t any test this week althouggh I do have just one more Resume assignment to work on.

I’m on the 18th episode now. Let’s see if I can get to the 30th by the end of today.

April 27, 2018


Following up on my Wagner Moura fever, I decided I should finally watch Narcos after months of contemplating whether I should watch it despite hearing lots of hype about it when it first showed up on Netflix.



(By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

The theme was very much like Tropa de Elite. Having a narrator tell the story as the scenes unfold. It was an effective way of catching the audience, and getting them to connect to the story.

I must say, what is a narcotic movie without sex and cigarettes right? That is probably the one thing I wasn’t so pleased about this movie, some of the boobies and sex scenes are pretty irrelevant to the story. They could have very well do without them.

I wasn’t surprised to see that there were only 10 episodes to the first season. The story also moves pretty rapidly from episode to episode in terms of timelines and the events surrounding those times. I loved how they connect real footage and videos of history and true events that revolved around Pablo Escobar. As much as history being one of my worst subjects in high school, growing older, I find myself appreciating history more than I ever did before.

Thinking that I would at least see Pablo being caught by the end of season one, I went on another overnight marathon and ended up going to bed at 4am. I was rather disappointed although not surprised that it was not the case. Of course they had to pro-long the story cause otherwise how would they make more money out of the series right?

It was alright though, I cannot wait to continue the series, since I have to focus on the upcoming exam at the moment. Also, I would definitely be doing some research on Escobar and find to what extent is the standard deviation of the true story versus the depiction of his life in this series.


June 18, 2017

未来日记 The Future Diary.

So this anime series marathon happened today.

Spent all day watching the whole 26 episodes and I must say I was not quite amused by the final ending but I suppose the whole series and plot was interesting non the less.

Initially in the first and second episode I was less than intrigued and thought it was a bit lame. But as the story progresses it did catch my attention and finally I got hooked with the idea.

It reminded me of “Hunger Games” where it was a game of survival and 12 of them had to kill one another so that the last one standing gets to be God.

Because the series aired sometime in 2011, the mobile phones depicted here were of the old flip top models. Already “old school” despite it being only about 6 years ago.

I rarely see a main character as weak as this one,  far from being the hero of the show, this 14 year old boy is sooo lame really. And I was surprised that the 9th character was more important than I thought it would be.

There wasn’t any character that appealed to me out of the 12, and I personally do not recommend this anime to be watched by kids under 16 or 18 for that matter. Too much “dark” stuff and talk about freaky “Yandare-stalker” stuff. Very unhealthy for young minds. 😐

March 18, 2017

Riverdale (2017)

I’m so glad I’ve got Netflix subscriptions. Although not all of the shows that I want to watch are in there, but at least the shows that are Netflix originals will come up in there and I get to watch it!


I heard about this TV show that was coming up based on the Archies comics and since I am a big fan of Archies comics, I knew I would want to watch it when it comes out. Little did I know that it would be on Netflix! So when I was browsing around on what to watch, Riverdal caught my eye and it was a no brainer for me on choosing something to feast my eyes on.

I have to say that Archie does not look like Archie, but I am glad that Jughead doesn’t look like Jughead. I mean, they could’ve picked a better looking Archie or a more obvious Red Head, but oh well, I guess they just had to settle. Betty and Veronica were spot on, but Josie and the pussycats.. hmmm..

Overall I have to say that the story was very dark, unlike what I was expecting. I thought it was comedic like the comic of course but nope, I was wrong, it was not what I had hoped it could be. It was a bit too dramatic, and overall seemed like another type of “pretty little liar” story.

Let’s just see how it goes on. They’ve only released 7 episodes on Netflix at the moment, and watching Cole Sprouse as Jughead really is the highlight here.

July 3, 2016

OINTB season 4 finale. #pousseydeservedbetter


Like really. Seriously. Why you had to goin do dat Jenji???

Poussey is one of the most lovable character in the show and they just had to let her go?? Uurrggghhhhh

Cried the balls out of this episode and I just had to read more about the creator’s decision to go to this dramatic route.

And I get the intention of social issues and addressing them subtlely but hey, come on, there is people out there who wants to watch TV for the entertainment’s sake and escape reality. Can’t we just stick to that?


Since the end of season 3, I couldn’t wait to see how Poussey and Soso’s relationship would blossom and it was awesome that they did fulfilled the many ointb fans dreams and gave them a love story that it deserved. But just when you thought this could last a little longer until one of them is released from prison, it doesn’t happen. Urgh.


I totally agree with Poussey. Blasian is beautiful! And these two were the only characters in the show that lifted all the racial tension.

Sorry for the spoiler to those who haven’t watch the show. But I was really grieving and mourning for the character. I was glad they didn’t manage to taint her reputation when the MCC PR people tried to put the blame on her. But still, now I can’t seem to see any other fun character to watch on this show anymore. Kind of how I felt with how Daya’s former CO boyfriend just left the show without any explanation.

I am curious however, on whats gonna happen in the next season. Seems like Litchfield prison is gonna be worse and looks like a downhill spiral from here.

May 27, 2016

Meetup Movie Night: Gandhi (1982)


So my ladyboss invited me to this Movie Meetup thingy. Initially when she mentioned the movie they were showing tonight would be “Gandhi”, I wasn’t really that interested. And I also thought this meetup group was suppose to only show “Christian” movies. But anyway, I already said “No” to her a few days ago when she first mentioned it. And today again she insisted that we go because a lot of people were raving about how good the movie was and she counter attacked my excuse saying “10 people RSVP-ed”!

So ok, fine. Let’s do this. And it helped that she also invited the HR manager, WL, to come with Saj and I. So it’s not just the 3 chipmunks again, but at least she managed to drag someone new with us.

We got to the location in WL’s car, and she drives a big Audi! Woaaahhh… talk about the impression of a person by the type of car they own. Did not see that coming from her but hey, I probably would do the same if I don’t have anything else to hold me down right?

So we got to the place just in time, about 7-ish, and I was surprised to see that this time the turn out was pretty good! The last time I was here watching the Cantonese Christian Movie, it was just 4 of us who turned up. This time around we were probably the only Asians around, while the others are Kiwis and it was nice to see others coming to show interest on the movie as well.


The movie was long! It was a 3 hour movie and the DVD the host played even had an intermission to let audiences take a break and stretch or go to the loo! I was definitely hooked and focused on the movie and what a way to learn about the history of India’s independence while being entertained.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I learned so much about Indian history that I never knew about. And most of all, learned about this Indian hero, Mr Gandhi who I have heard so much about his quotes and what an icon and legend he has been. It was sad to find out that he was actually assassinated by his own people, and not to mention he was already 78 when he was killed! Tsk.. our evil human nature…

After movie, we just hang around briefly and talked to some of the others that were at the Meetup, and I mostly just remember a lady named Tina. She was nice and friendly to us, willing to talk and be sociable unlike some of the other men in the room. I was also glad we came in WL’s car cos then we had to leave early as well because it was already 10:30pm by the time we left and we were the first ones to leave!

And only after we left did I realize that it was such a memorable movie night that because of all that excitement, I forgot to take a groufie! Urrgghhh.. so frustrating when I forget to make those memories in material form. Hopefully I can get a photo from the host who took some candid shots of the group before the movie started.


Wonderful movie indeed and highly recommended if you like history and biographical movies. I didn’t particularly liked history, but this was part of world history and it was interesting to see a man so passionate about non violence and I believe in this world, we need more people like Gandhi who values and understands that violence, hatred and revenge will get us nowhere. It’s just a destructive cycle that doesn’t end.

This was my favorite quote from the movie and Mr Gandhi himself,

An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

Humanity in this day desperately needs an eye opener… 😦

December 5, 2015

Final ANTM Season!

And what a way to close the show. A deaf model! Congratulations Nyle Dimarco!


I actually haven’t been following the reality show for quite some time now since I had very limited access to cable TV. The last few seasons that I still recall the winners and some of my favorites were Naima and Eva. And it wasn’t until I saw some footage of the show’s finale that I realized that one of the top 4 contestants looked very familiar.


That’s right! It’s Garrett from Switched at Birth season 5! Aaaawww.. he got another gig aside from already catching my eye on this tv show! He is really good looking though.


Well, very happy for him to have won the contest, and not only because he really is good looking, but also because of who he represents, and the deaf society should be recognized. I myself feel inclined to learn ASL after following Switched at Birth from season 1. Can’t wait to finally get off school and enroll for a class to learn sign language for real!

*Disclaimer! photos were all taken from online search like Tumblr and the first photo was from Nyle’s FB page.

September 8, 2015

Hooked on another show! #beautyandtheBeast


I am so hooked to this show! Went on another crazy all nighter marathon and watched 13 episodes overnight foregoing my usual early 9pm bed time 😅😅😅

I just love watching Kristin Kreuk because of her exotic features and look. Although I must admit this didn’t seem like a suitable character for her to play but I guess everyone likes to watch a sweet-lookin’ tough girl! #girlPower

And girl power is very much emphasized here because she made all the initiatives and was even the first to ask the Beast out on a date. Tsskk..

I am excited to see how this series will progress and tell their story though. I have seen a few corny and cheesy scenes, also unrealistic ones but hey, its what science fiction is for right?

July 21, 2015

Magic Mike XXL. #danceMoves


Paid 370 pesos for this movie! But I guess the lazy boy chair was worth it. And OMG the music and the choreography they used here was siiiiiick!!

And I love how they used a lady character to play the MC this time instead of Matthew McConaughey! Jada Pinkett Smith was da bomb!!

I enjoyed all the dancing and choreography but I have to say, this is a movie for the ladies. There was no specific story line at all, it was straight forward, simple, and showed a lot of skin and flirting. It was so awkward watching this beside a guy who was sitting and watching without any other company with him. 😒

May 14, 2015

I got an iZombie follow back! 😍😍😍 #fangirlingmode #tvgirl #crimedy


Aarrrgghhh!! How cool is that?? “Rose McIver FOLLOWS YOU”

And I just saw this notification after watching episode 9, where the love interest Lowell gets killed!!! Aaawwwwww… why’d they go and do that??!! 😭😭😭


So in excitement I responded,


@imrosemciver love your show! can’t wait till next episode! #iZombie #sadtoseeLowellgo

And then.. minutes later, this happened..


#Unfollowed #Loser #iknewIshouldnthaveresponded

Tweets the Real Rose McIver “Sorry guys i got hacked!” and then unfollows everyone she didn’t know.

oh well.. it was fun while it lasted.. 😓