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June 11, 2017

Koogis Black Charcoal Mask.

This product has been a fad for quite a while and I have always wanted to try it out (am a sucker for ads)

Saw it at the Wish app and since I was on an online shopping spree, I figured I would give it a go. It wasn’t until I paid for the item that I realised if the product was to come from China, I probably should not have high expectations of it as China is notoriously known for their rip off products and I am skeptical of what is the ingredients made of. But oh well, never know til we try it.

I couldn’t understand much of the ingredients that were listed and I tried using Google Translate but I also wasn’t familiar with the English ingredients and some were listed as acrylic acid and ester copolymer blah blah blah.. I just hope I won’t get any allergic reaction to this.

This obviously didn’t look as black as they always seem on the ads and videos of others who have used the product. It actually looks like a thin layer but if I were to put double it would be too thick and takes longer to dry out.

The layer did darkened as it dries out, as you can see from this photo after 30minutes.

The result? Not too shabby! You can see that there are lots of little particles of black heads being pulled out but there are also little patches of it which were not very effective.

Overall I would give the product a 2.5 out of 5 star. I mean it did work, just not as strong as I was expecting. But it still works so that’s an up side 😁

August 11, 2015

I sooo need to lose weight! #weightcheck #excessbaggage


Used Christene’s digital weighing machine and I am appalled!! 😱😱😱

Instead of having to focus on 10 kg to lose, I need to lose 14 kg!!! AAARRRGGGHHHHH

Current weight : 64.1 kg
Fat content : 19.6 %


July 14, 2015

Its Paint-your-face day. #makeup #justforfun


My office day look, courtesy of Lauren Marie , the make up artist!


Just very thin eyeliners and light brown eye shadow which gave a nude look. I put on that lipstick myself 😜

I didn’t have a special occasion to put on make up, but I just thought I should test out the new liquid brow liner and eye liner by BYS.

June 25, 2015

Cauterization Ongoing. #FirstTimer #WartsRemoval


It’s health and wellness weak in the office, and we get to remove our warts for free!

Ahhh.. the perks of being a Factsetter.

I got most of the warts on my neck area. Same with Irah but she has more!


The white spots on our neck is actually the anesthesia cream they placed before having to zap each of the warts with high burning steel needle.

Even the boys got their warts removed too! Hey there Kaizz and Mack!


One advice I got from the dermatologist that did our cauterization was that I really need to put on sun block to prevent skin aging. When she checked on my face for warts, she made a guess by my skin that I was 40 years old!!! 😱😱😱 ouch!

So I guess I need to put that as part of my skin care regime, slab lots of sun block on my face and neck! The dermatologist even recommends up to SPF 80! Woah! Just my regular moisturizer that is up to 30 SPF won’t do. Even flurosent light rays and rays from the monitors are harmful to the skin she says. Wow.. learned new stuff today! So off to get sun block I go!


February 15, 2014

Ready for summer â˜€ï¸ðŸŠðŸ‘ðŸ‘™

Twas a lazy Saturday today. The day after the big fuss on Hearts day. Didn’t have much planned for the day aside from Music Ministry rehearsals at 2pm. I was thinking I’d go to the gym and work out after rehearsals so I can burn off more of my overeating from yesterday.

Then Miggy texted and asked if I was game for the much talked about Pinoy movie “Starting Over Again” starring Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga. I really really wanted to watch it and since Kath and Miggy were also inviting Irah along, I was all for it!


At the Infinitif Studios. With most of the scheduled volunteers for tomorrow’s service.

Rehearsals ended around 5pm. Since Kath and Miggy hadn’t confirm on the time and place for the movie, I had time to spare and was actually considering if I should go ahead to the gym anyways while waiting. I skipped the thought and jumped on the jeep and headed to Glorietta 4 to do some shopping. All the while communicating with Miggy as he was mentioning that Irah was not gonna join us for the movie after all.

So I figured, maybe I could bond with just Kath and Miggy even if Irah was not gonna join us. But the movie they planned to watch would only start at 8:40pm which is quite late. And they weren’t planning on getting any dinner before movie so I figured perhaps next time then since we wouldn’t be doing much bonding anyway if we were just meeting up for the movie.

I actually lined up at Greenbelt 1 hoping to catch the same Pinoy movie at 7:35pm but tickets were sold out. Boohoo. Its ok though. Cos I knew it would be a very sad moment for me to watch it alone at this point in my life and I might just end up crying throughout the movie not just because the movie was gonna be such a tear jerker but more on how sorry and pathetic I feel for myself. So God saved me from all that drama and made sure the tickets were sold out. Thank You Lord!

I ended up shopping, getting so ready for summer and especially a bonding event organized by some of my colleagues on March 1 at Pansol, Laguna. Got myself a bikini to wear underneath my rash guard that I bought earlier this year. No way would I have the body to wear a bikini and of course, showing too much skin is not in my books anymore.

Got this from SM Makati’s Coco Cabaña brand for original cost of Php699 but I was able to get 300 off from using my Sodexo Gift Cert. Yay!


Also, got myself another sports bra to wear since I signed up for the gym and needs extra gear to wear and not have to wash the only one I have over and over again.


I opted not to get a known sports brand this time for the sports bra since I might be over-using and over-washing it anyway. This was 299 pesos from Landmark’s Sassa brand.

Since I was alone and had no other plans, I figured I’d get myself an upper lip thread. My mustache was starting to show and I think the last time I had it threaded was last December for the annual company party.


Ok this photo was taken with my iphone’s front cam so its not doing justice to how hairy my upper lip can really look. This was taken at “Let’s Face It” just before the lady took the thread out and started to do her thing.

After threading, I started heading home around 7:30pm and perhaps reached home just a little before 8pm.

So that was my “day after Valentine’s” day. How’s everyone else this Saturday? ^_^

February 2, 2014

A grey and black themed Sunday. #ootd #muotd


Aside from my regular make up today just because I had to be on stage for worship service, I added just my eye liner too. I don’t normally put on eyeliner, as it just takes up too much time just putting on face powder and drawing my eyebrow. Today I made the extra effort just because I haven’t felt beautiful in a while..


Because of the yellow lighting in the cr you can’t really tell the colors of my blush but its pretty obvious that my eyebrows are not done properly. Its all out of shape and imbalance. Yuck.

I was very shameless today and took a full body shot at the cr too (of course I made sure no one was around to catch me in my vain moment). So here’s what I wore today,


Dress by Human, the brand. And shoes from Solemate. I love how comfy the dress is and I won’t have to worry about my tummy showing. And modesty is the best policy, covered up my legs with leggings otherwise the skirt would be too short to be used on stage. Of course this dress doesn’t do much to show off any of my curves but not like anyone would care anyway. People don’t like curves nowadays. They like sticks and bones. Ugh.

Anyhoo.. Here’s a photo after I got home, and under nice sunlight but I think my make up was almost melting away.


I still prefer no make up au natural beauty. The secret is in the skin I tell you!

And my apologies for the very vain post. I am in need of some self esteem boost these days.

January 10, 2014

Its starting to look a lot like pimple. #gross


After almost a week of this little bugger growing, finally its showing its true colors and as we Sabahans would say, its “masak” (ripe) now! Can’t wait to pop it! Grrrrrrrrrr

December 1, 2013

Getting my perm-on at Kawisori. ðŸ’ðŸ’†


Been here since 10am and and the business owner already had 3 customers since they open at 9am. She’s pretty known within the Korean community around here I suppose.

Had asked if I would be charged extra for getting my perm re touched since it was only 2 weeks ago I had my hair permed here and now it almost looked like I had it permed over a month ago! Well, she quoted 500pesos for just the chemicals they’ll use but no charge for the labor. Hopefully it’ll last longer this time 😳

Almost 1pm now. Starting to feel a wee bit of hunger. Hmm.. What shall I eat for lunch?

November 28, 2013

Korean Style dinner with Marky and Lauren.


Kimbob’s at SM Makati Foodcourt!

After our dance practice today at the 6th floor after work, we left the office only around 5:30pm and hitched a ride with Mikhail going to Glorietta 4. From there, Marky, Lauren and I made our way to Slimmer’s World to use our Gift Certificate worth 1,500 given to us by Ralph.


Only Lau and I were able to utilize the gift certs for one session of 15minutes Diamond Peeling. I like to call it the face Vacuum! Its a device that just sucks all the dirt and dead skin cells off your face. A shot of the face vacuuming device.


While having my face vacuumed.


It was slightly different from the usual vacuuming I get from Let’s Face It because this vacuum seemed stronger and more thorough.

After the whole procedure, we had to listen to a good 15mins sales pitch by the skin care consultant, Nhess. The whole package she was offering for 40 sessions cost up to 15K or less after discounts!

Well, knowing how I hardly take care of my own skin and that package would only be a waste on me, I figured I wouldn’t want to get it anyway.

So off we go to SM Makati and did some window shopping at Forever 21. There was an amazing 4 day sale going on and almost all items were on Buy 1 take 1 free promo!!! We didn’t end up buying anything though. Marky did some make up shopping at SM after and I got a toner. And onwards to dinner to wait out the super traffic and congested city due to rush hour.

Its been a while since I hung out with my peeps from the office and was able to bond with each other like this. Had a wonderful time talking about boys and relationships! Oh how girly of us!

November 18, 2013

Pam-perm time! 😜💁💇💆


Here at the Kawisori Hair Shop at PBurgoos. Thanks to recommendation by my Korean officemate Chloe!


Spaghetti hair in the making. The artist on the job.


According to the Hair stylist, there are 10 levels of curliness. 1 being the biggest wave or roll, and she’s using a level 3 and 4 on mine. So medium waves for me who has super straight hair which she reckons wouldn’t curl so easily.

First process done!


By 4:30pm, its time to Steam!


This lady is pretty famous with the foreigners. Even some China mainland customers are here. Wow.

Finally done by 6pm. So I paid 2.5k for the ordinary perm, with 400 on top for the mousse that the hairdresser reckons I should get. After washing my hair off of those chemicals they put on my hair with curlers, the lady said to let my hair dry naturally and to put mousse or serum on my hair while it was still wet. This perm would most likely last me 2-3 months only and I could have it colored in 2 week’s time. And here’s how it looked like slightly dried.


I personally think my hair is pretty stubborn and refuses to become curly. It didn’t work so well I think and the hair is already looking straighter than I expected. I was even looking forward to more volumised hair! But nope, the hairdresser even pointed out the very obvious fact that my hairfall problem is quite bad. (Insert sad face here. Sigh)