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January 16, 2018

First post for 2018.

I’m guilty.

I didn’t blog even a single post in December 2017. Why? See, “busy” is just another excuse. So I’m not gonna give anymore excuse but just to admit it, I just didn’t make the effort to do so.

December 2017 was a whirlwind. The month came and went by just like that (*makes snapping fingers gestures here). I was working as a temp in the North Shore Hospital Clinical Records department and made some very lasting memories and friendships there. It was also one of the most tiring jobs I had experienced in all my years of working. Not to mention, working there reminded me that my physical body was really aging quick. I had cramped fingers, back aches and most of all, weak knees!

One week into December 2017, I got some exciting news. My study permit to go to Canada has finally been approved. Thank You Lord for answered prayers, and opened doors! With that, also came the rush of packing, planning for travels and the dreadful farewells. I managed to take a whole week just before I left for KK, to meet with some friends for one last time before I leave. I mean, not the last time of course, I will surely meet them again someday! Just not as frequent as I have gotten fond of.

Arriving in KK, there was that rush of festivities and celebrations. The holiday and last minute shopping traffic, the week long staycation over Christmas and so on so forth. I did enjoy my time back home despite the increasing spending and costs! But it was really great to see the fam bam again. Then 14 days later, I was flying off again!

There was a bit of a drama that happened when I journeyed to KL, while making my way to Vancouver. I was told that I didn’t have a visa to enter the country even though I was issued an E-travel approved visa from the Canadian embassy in Australia. So a bit of a panic here and there, and had some swift decisions to make, I ended up flying back to Auckland instead. *Rolls eyes* I know right??!!

So back in Auckland, I just did a lot of waiting and stress eating because of all that time pressure from the University that I had to be there by the first day of class or I would not be able to attend the January intake! When I finally received my passport and the visa stamp on it, it was an instant up and move! Talk about a jet setting life!

And finally, here I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Entering a new season in life and hoping that by God’s grace, I will survive and make it here in this cold cold place.

I can’t promise I will have more blogs to come, but I sure will try… For now, let the photos do the story telling.

Proud to be a “pegger” ?

Tim Hortons is apparently a staple Canadian fast food chain. Love the food though.

Found Every Nation Church in Winnipeg!

This is OOMD – Outfit of MOST Days thanks to the bitter cold temperature! -28 is ridonkulous!

Lots of the houses here look like this little cottage with small fences and it just looks so adorable. This one is the airBnB I’m staying in while looking for a long term accommodation.

View from the entrance of the airbnb home.

Winnipeg city night view from the plane on my arrival.

I gotta say, it hasn’t been easy to take photos of my environment as much as I wish I could, since its a new to me and I’m just so excited about being in a strange land. But oh the -25 to -28 degree just hinders me from getting my phone out and torturing my little fingers to the ice cold needle-like frozen feeling from the extreme temperature!

I really spoke too soon when I said that “the cold doesn’t bother me anyway…”