Scooter Ootd.

Sergii the Ukrainian, brought his new toy to class today. Of course, he also sells them as his personal business so it was a good marketing strategy to use the product himself.

I don’t know what they call this thing nowadays. A scooter? A motor scooter that is. The motor runs in the wheels and apparently this is a chargeable device so good for long distance walking like, around the city. I mean, if it normally takes you 20 minutes to walk from point A to point B, it makes sense to use this right? He’s selling it for $700 but I’m not too sure what the market rate is at the moment. Not that I am interest or anything, it is not a “need” for me at this point. I just wanted an ootd with the gadget 😝 

Photo credits to HeyG the Korean.


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