First ever dress bought online!

I don’t usually buy clothes online, knowing how my curves abd edges are not exactly standard size you know. So when I do try to get clothes online, it’s either things that are stretchy and an easy fit that you can’t go wrong like socks and t shirts.

I saw this maxi dress on the Wish shopping app, and I just loved this vintage patterned dress. I don’t know if I am brave enough to wear this outside of my home but I can try I suppose 😜

I spent around $28 (includind shipping) for this dress and I thought that was fair enough. Am quite happy with this purchase really, given its my first time buying clothes online.

Now I just need to figure out when and how wiuld I wear this without looking like I’m wearing a table cloth or curtains 😏

If all fails, this would really be a nice nightgown too! 😂


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