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June 28, 2017

The end is here. #finalexam #diplomacompleted

Two years just went by too fast.

Today marks the end of another chapter in my 34+ years of life on this earth.

It hasn’t been a breeze, although it must have been easier than being in High school though. But of course, life as a teen and life as a middle age adult and still studying is two different things really.

It was such a burden off my shoulders when I finally finished my final paper for the final term. Audit was a lot of theory and not quite like all the calculations we’ve had in other subjects previously. I’m sure I would pass, its just a matter of getting a good result.

My little ‘squad’ comprising of a Korean girl and a Ukranian guy waited for me to finish my exam so we could go have lunch together for probably the last time. Of course, Saj just had to tag along 😏

Instead of the usual Food Alley, HeyG brought us to a place called “Tab” and obviously it was a bar which also served food so at least a place where we can have drinks to loosen up too.

I went for the Traditional Fish and Chips and boy was I disappointed at how little the fish portion was 😒 

But as you can see from my expression here, I was more relieved about the Diploma coming to end than I am about the food that I didn’t care how my double chins were popping out like nobody was there 🙄

Had a good chill session with these guys, although Saj had to leave by 2pm to head back go work, Sergii, HeyG and I just sat around, have our drinks and just savored the last moment we get to sit around and talk about life just like that.. 😊

Yep, I’ll miss seeing these two seatmates sticking around me in class 😝

June 23, 2017

Fake Collar. #ivegotmail #wishapp

Another parcel arrived today! I thought it was my Nucerity package that I’ve been waiting for weeks but as it turns out, it was this!

It’s called the “Fashion Blouse False Collar”.

The material is soft but I don’t know whats it called, not too sheer so it still looks good.

I was having a hard time trying to get a sleeveless collared shirt around town and so I decided to just get this online from the Wish App. I really wanted this just for the sake of having a white collared shirt that I could use to take a photo ID with. In Malaysia and apparently also in the Philippines, passport photos must be taken with a collared shirt. No idea what the logic behind it is. Looks more formal? professional? whatever.

It does make me look smart. Doesn’t it? 🤓

June 23, 2017

Final Class in NTEC DBA level 7 Diploma in Business Accounting

It is finally here. And it didn’t really dawn on me until Arun mentioned the obvious. He said he was also not feeling well today, as we were talking about why Linda (his seatmate) was absent the past two days. And he said that he was not about to miss the last class of his final semester in NTEC.

It’s too bad that we didn’t have Ken, our favorite tutor with us this week. He was away on a business trip back to Malaysia and so we had Asif as our replacement tutor and we just had to do our own self study so it was a pretty boring class. But hey, all is well nevertheless.

How could we leave the class without one last groufie??

This was taken from Asif’s iPhone 7 so the resolution was very good and took a very good shot of everyone. Well, not the complete group but at least the ones that have stayed behind.

L-R : Venika, Dinesh, Jaspreet, Ashok, Nisan, Arun, Ruwan and Hyeji. Danuka and Sergii right at the back.

This bunch has annoyed me all semester to be honest 😏 especially the group from Sri Lanka cos they talk too much. But I think they weren’t as bad as the group from Punjab in the last class we had a few semesters ago doing the Performance Management paper.

After our exam next Wednesday, I may never see some of them ever again. Well, it was good to have crossed paths with them anyway 😉

June 19, 2017

Little Mermaid Pillow Case.

Bought this Pillow Case from the Wish App for only ND5.00 because the item itself was Free and I just had to pay for the shipping cost. Ordered it on May 20, and it took almost a month to arrive. The material was exactly as described, although touching the material now, I am not sure if I can wash it first before using it. So I decided not to wash it just to be on the safe side. At least until it gets too dirty and I might have no choice but have to hand wash it.

Since the product did not include a pillow, I got myself the pillow cushion from those Japan Home Centre type of stores that sells 3 items for $10, only this pillow cushion was not part of the deal. So I had to get it at $6.99 for a standard 45×45 sized pillow. I did find it quite expensive, I mean, I would’ve expect it to be $5.00 but well, its better than $45 I guess. (saw one in Farmers for $45)

As usual, a trip to these Japanese stores would not be complete if I didn’t get something I didn’t really need, but would be nice to have. I got myself a mobile phone stand, ear plug covers and a digital kitchen timer!

I am really enjoying these Monday retail therapies.. sighh~~ better treasure them while I still can!

June 18, 2017

Snapchat Filters. #random

Like seriously, how did they ever come up with these filter ideas? It’s just brilliant!

Although, it does emphasize my flaws now that the filters make me look too good 😒

I mean take this photo for example, I mean the left one doesn’t look too bad (at least in my perspective) and its me au naturel, I’m sure I have had worse photos than that (like my ID photo). But the right one makes me look soo good that the left one automatically looks terrible! 😒

Filters are digital make-up. They make anyone look even better!

Just randomly posting this as I’m so lazy I don’t feel like doing anything else in LIFE! 🙄


June 18, 2017

未来日记 The Future Diary.

So this anime series marathon happened today.

Spent all day watching the whole 26 episodes and I must say I was not quite amused by the final ending but I suppose the whole series and plot was interesting non the less.

Initially in the first and second episode I was less than intrigued and thought it was a bit lame. But as the story progresses it did catch my attention and finally I got hooked with the idea.

It reminded me of “Hunger Games” where it was a game of survival and 12 of them had to kill one another so that the last one standing gets to be God.

Because the series aired sometime in 2011, the mobile phones depicted here were of the old flip top models. Already “old school” despite it being only about 6 years ago.

I rarely see a main character as weak as this one,  far from being the hero of the show, this 14 year old boy is sooo lame really. And I was surprised that the 9th character was more important than I thought it would be.

There wasn’t any character that appealed to me out of the 12, and I personally do not recommend this anime to be watched by kids under 16 or 18 for that matter. Too much “dark” stuff and talk about freaky “Yandare-stalker” stuff. Very unhealthy for young minds. 😐

June 16, 2017

Scooter Ootd.

Sergii the Ukrainian, brought his new toy to class today. Of course, he also sells them as his personal business so it was a good marketing strategy to use the product himself.

I don’t know what they call this thing nowadays. A scooter? A motor scooter that is. The motor runs in the wheels and apparently this is a chargeable device so good for long distance walking like, around the city. I mean, if it normally takes you 20 minutes to walk from point A to point B, it makes sense to use this right? He’s selling it for $700 but I’m not too sure what the market rate is at the moment. Not that I am interest or anything, it is not a “need” for me at this point. I just wanted an ootd with the gadget 😝 

Photo credits to HeyG the Korean.

June 11, 2017

Koogis Black Charcoal Mask.

This product has been a fad for quite a while and I have always wanted to try it out (am a sucker for ads)

Saw it at the Wish app and since I was on an online shopping spree, I figured I would give it a go. It wasn’t until I paid for the item that I realised if the product was to come from China, I probably should not have high expectations of it as China is notoriously known for their rip off products and I am skeptical of what is the ingredients made of. But oh well, never know til we try it.

I couldn’t understand much of the ingredients that were listed and I tried using Google Translate but I also wasn’t familiar with the English ingredients and some were listed as acrylic acid and ester copolymer blah blah blah.. I just hope I won’t get any allergic reaction to this.

This obviously didn’t look as black as they always seem on the ads and videos of others who have used the product. It actually looks like a thin layer but if I were to put double it would be too thick and takes longer to dry out.

The layer did darkened as it dries out, as you can see from this photo after 30minutes.

The result? Not too shabby! You can see that there are lots of little particles of black heads being pulled out but there are also little patches of it which were not very effective.

Overall I would give the product a 2.5 out of 5 star. I mean it did work, just not as strong as I was expecting. But it still works so that’s an up side 😁

June 11, 2017

Weight Update.


Can I panic now? How did I go from 55kg to 64kg to 75kg in 2 years?!! 😥😥😥

According to online BMI calculations, I am officially Obese!! 😵

I really need to do something about this 😣

June 8, 2017

ID Photo Update.


Check out the now and before ID photos. Photo on the right was taken in 2015.

This is by far the ugliest id photo ever. Its bad enough that I am not a photogenic person, it makes it worse when I am FAT. With double chins and all its glory! 😭😭😭

Have I mentioned how I hate taking ID photos??!! See below is a photo I took on 21 May, about 18 days ago, and I don’t think I look or feel any different now than I did at that time. But see the big difference??

That’s why I hate ID photos! they don’t allow you to smile, and you have to stare straight like you’re taking a mugshot! Urghh.. it’s frustrating. I have never been forced to use a photo I dislike on IDs, but in NZ visa applications, it is a requirement that photos should used should be taken within 6 months of the application. 6 months!! How much difference can a person look in 2 years? *COUGH COUGH.. and I only look different cos I gained weight and had make up on for the previous photo!

Oh well, guess I am stuck with this for now. I seriously need to start doing something about my weight but I can’t seem to find the motivation for it. HELP!!!