Craving for the King of Fruits.

After church service today, had lunch with my ladyboss and Saj at a Filipino Cafe called Turo Turo down at K’Road. I must say, they took their time in preparing the food, and ladyboss was actually kinda disappointed with her dish which was the Sinigang Baboy that wasn’t even sour at all.

Anyway, after lunch, Saj and I headed to the famous Lim Chour supermarket to get some stuff that you wouldn’t otherwise find in the regular supermarket like Countdown or New World. And I got me some DURIAN!!!

They were both Thai durians but I think I liked the second one better than the first. The first one was “Seedless”!! Awesome how today’s packaging really makes it so much easier to consume the Durian. And I can have it all year round too! (I think) However, the seedless one sort of smelled a bit strange for me, I reckon it was because it wasn’t vacuum sealed and the fruit was packed with clingwrap.

It was kind of costly too, the first package costing $19.99 while the  vacuumed one was about $16.00

I guess getting this once in a blue moon wouldn’t hurt 😜


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