Riverdale (2017)

I’m so glad I’ve got Netflix subscriptions. Although not all of the shows that I want to watch are in there, but at least the shows that are Netflix originals will come up in there and I get to watch it!


I heard about this TV show that was coming up based on the Archies comics and since I am a big fan of Archies comics, I knew I would want to watch it when it comes out. Little did I know that it would be on Netflix! So when I was browsing around on what to watch, Riverdal caught my eye and it was a no brainer for me on choosing something to feast my eyes on.

I have to say that Archie does not look like Archie, but I am glad that Jughead doesn’t look like Jughead. I mean, they could’ve picked a better looking Archie or a more obvious Red Head, but oh well, I guess they just had to settle. Betty and Veronica were spot on, but Josie and the pussycats.. hmmm..

Overall I have to say that the story was very dark, unlike what I was expecting. I thought it was comedic like the comic of course but nope, I was wrong, it was not what I had hoped it could be. It was a bit too dramatic, and overall seemed like another type of “pretty little liar” story.

Let’s just see how it goes on. They’ve only released 7 episodes on Netflix at the moment, and watching Cole Sprouse as Jughead really is the highlight here.


One Comment to “Riverdale (2017)”

  1. I know right?!!


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