Chill Saturday Night

Because I had bumped into Rain’s brother las weekend, I figured I should go visit her at her new home after our last bonding session about a month or two ago.

Took the train up to Avondale station then hooked myself up with an Uber driver to get to Rain’s house down at Hendon Ave by about 7pm.

It was an easy going night where we just chilled, ate food and have some drinks. Just catching up with each others lives and general stuff. Rain’s sister was so hospitable and sliced all the fruits and fed us even when she was not feeling so great.

I brought them a bottle of the Feijoa Liquer that I got a while back from Matakana. But unfortunately they didn’t have a cork screw so we couldn’t get the liquer opened!

These sisters are just adorable. They were trying to get the cork out with a nail and hammer. It didn’t work obviously.

Rain and I even took her brother, Ad’s car out to Pak n Save to try and buy a corkscrew but they didn’t sell any! It was just ridiculous 😓

We gave up and went back to her house with just a bottle of Coke. Drank a bit of whiskey with coke and chatted up a bit more before I called it a night and headed home by 11pm.

It was just a short time spent with Rain and her sister but it was a nice catch up that I miss doing with them. Rain is definitely one of those friends that is dear to my heart and will always try to make time to catch up and bond with her whenever I can.


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