Tremors (1990)

It’s been raining cats and dogs since lunch time today. Weather in Auckland has been horrible the past few days. Humid, yet cloudy and rainy.

Initially wanted to head to the cinemas to watch Kong: Skull Island movie but the rain was just too discouraging that I decided to just head home. 🙁

Rainy days are best spent at home really. Had Burger King take out for dinner, and after reaching home with my Adidas soaked in rain water, it felt really nice to be home and dig into some tasty Rodeo burger and watch whatever was on the telly.

What happen to be on telly, at Maori TV channel for that matter, was an old school comedy horror movie, Tremors. I have never watched this, but Kevin Bacon was a familiar face and I sort of just left the channel there without the real intention of watching it for real. Then as I hear the conversations and some background sound effects that indicated some suspense was rising, I got more and more curious.😯


I started checking out IMDB on what the movie was about, and it had a 7 star rating. Not too bad for an old monster movie. There were some comedic parts that did got me laughing, and I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the most part of it. 😁

Glad to have an oldie movie added to my “watched” list. 😎


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