More spending. #urgh

Cotton on sports bra, $35  for two. What a deal right? I don’t know whats worse. Retail therapy? Or stress eating. Urgh.

I have not been watching my weight and health in general these days. Its all just work work work work work~ and not the booty shaking, all out sweat kind of “work” but the kind that makes your eye sight worse and your bum stuck to a chair all day.

I really have no excuse for this. I find that it was mostly because I feel obliged to do overtime and get work done because I am paid to do it, rather than back in the day when I was just volunteering, I could leave work on time and not feel bad for it because I don’t get paid for it anyway.

So here I am stuck with my fat overweight body and no time to do any other sports activity. I am definitely making up excuses here. So why bother getting the sports bra you say? Well, I only got it to wear at home comfortably. I didn’t even bother to try it out when I got to the store. Just picked the largest size around, (was looking for XL by the way) and “Large” was the only one left.

Off I went and spent 35 bucks for the two sports bra and an extra 2 bucks for a tote bag that I got which was suppose to be a donation. I don’t know how true that is, but if they are trying to get more sales by telling customers that its for a good cause, thats a pretty tricky strategy.


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