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August 13, 2016

End of midterms celebration. #classmates

Midterms are over!!! And yea I know, its not like the FINALS are over but hey, we can celebrate in the little things right?

Because I promised my Korean classmate Hyeji, that I would go out and have a drink with her after exams, we ended up here at Bannsang Korean Cafe down at High Street. Arun and Nissan also tagged along for lunch and some drinks just to hang out and chill after a stressful week of studying and exams.

I ordered what I know best, which was the Bibimbop cos I know they serve eggs with it. I never say no to eggs. But then Hyeji let us try her dish which was called the Yuk gae jaang. It was a beef broth that also had eggs in it, it was so yummy. I have to go back there next time and order that instead.

Of course, the main reason why Hyeji wanted us to come to this place was so that we could taste Korean Soju. I think it was some type of Soju but it was a flavored Soju, Blueberry that is. It was kind of like Vodka for me. But hey, at 13.5% alcohol, yupp thats something alright. Hyeji really wanted to see me drunk but it wasn’t the time of the day to do so though.

I liked our little bunch of different nationalities: Korean, Malaysian, Indian and Sri Lankan. It’s how I would imagine a world should be. Not just all the Chinese hanging around themselves, or a bunch of Indians with themselves. I always find myself hanging around people who are from a different culture than I am. We talked about everything, from food, to classmates who are annoying, to movies, and pets, and even talked about how Hyeji should get a boyfriend and I should get married. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, we had two bottles of about 345ml of that Soju shared among four of us which was not a lot of alcohol yet. So Hyeji suggested we continue the little party down at a bar called Occidental. It was my first time here, but she has definitely been here a couple of times, especially for the mussels. She also suggested we try the Cherry Beer. I told her to just get me whatever is sweet.

Of course, how could we drink without having some snacks to go with all that booze? So we had a side dish of wedges with sour cream and continued our chit chat for about an hour or so after which we all agreed it was time to head home around 3:15pm.

This was really our first time eating out together and it was good that we get to do it once in a while because we see each other week after week in classes but we never really get to hang out outside of “serious” class mode.

Thanks for the lovely session guys, you guys rock!

August 11, 2016

More spending. #urgh

Cotton on sports bra, $35 ¬†for two. What a deal right? I don’t know whats worse. Retail therapy? Or stress eating. Urgh.

I have not been watching my weight and health in general these days. Its all just work work work work work~ and not the booty shaking, all out sweat kind of “work” but the kind that makes your eye sight worse and your bum stuck to a chair all day.

I really have no excuse for this. I find that it was mostly because I feel obliged to do overtime and get work done because I am paid to do it, rather than back in the day when I was just volunteering, I could leave work on time and not feel bad for it because I don’t get paid for it anyway.

So here I am stuck with my fat overweight body and no time to do any other sports activity. I am definitely making up excuses here. So why bother getting the sports bra you say? Well, I only got it to wear at home comfortably. I didn’t even bother to try it out when I got to the store. Just picked the largest size around, (was looking for XL by the way) and “Large” was the only one left.

Off I went and spent 35 bucks for the two sports bra and an extra 2 bucks for a tote bag that I got which was suppose to be a donation. I don’t know how true that is, but if they are trying to get more sales by telling customers that its for a good cause, thats a pretty tricky strategy.