OINTB season 4 finale. #pousseydeservedbetter


Like really. Seriously. Why you had to goin do dat Jenji???

Poussey is one of the most lovable character in the show and they just had to let her go?? Uurrggghhhhh

Cried the balls out of this episode and I just had to read more about the creator’s decision to go to this dramatic route.

And I get the intention of social issues and addressing them subtlely but hey, come on, there is people out there who wants to watch TV for the entertainment’s sake and escape reality. Can’t we just stick to that?


Since the end of season 3, I couldn’t wait to see how Poussey and Soso’s relationship would blossom and it was awesome that they did fulfilled the many ointb fans dreams and gave them a love story that it deserved. But just when you thought this could last a little longer until one of them is released from prison, it doesn’t happen. Urgh.


I totally agree with Poussey. Blasian is beautiful! And these two were the only characters in the show that lifted all the racial tension.

Sorry for the spoiler to those who haven’t watch the show. But I was really grieving and mourning for the character. I was glad they didn’t manage to taint her reputation when the MCC PR people tried to put the blame on her. But still, now I can’t seem to see any other fun character to watch on this show anymore. Kind of how I felt with how Daya’s former CO boyfriend just left the show without any explanation.

I am curious however, on whats gonna happen in the next season. Seems like Litchfield prison is gonna be worse and looks like a downhill spiral from here.


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