Kaamatan season family online-Catch up


Weeeeeee!!! Thank You Lord for technology!!! Screenshot photo of myself in a videocall with the Wong fam-bam.


Had a great time chit chatting with the littlest one. Now that she was more “chatty”. Although she did at one point said “is anyone else gonna chat with Yiyi? Cos it seems like I am the only one chatting with her the longest!” LOL.. haaaiihh.. kids.. I remember being her age and dreading to talk to older people in the family. Oh those innocent young minds..


It’s Kaamatan festival back home today, which means, PUBLIC HOLIDAY!! So it was good timing to call them up without missing anyone and any inconvenience of the 4-hour time difference we had in between us.


Not sure why the video settings this time is so messed up. While I go portrait and they go landscape, my video can’t rotate accordingly.

We were at it for almost 2 hours I believe! It’s lovely to have these technology to help bridge the gap and distance. Of course, it still doesn’t beat being in the midst of their presence physically. Aaaanndd.. the icing on the cake? I just might be able to go back for the holidays end of this year with sponsorship! Wooohoooo!! No guarantees yet, but am sure gonna pray very hard for that favor and provision. Yay!!


One Comment to “Kaamatan season family online-Catch up”

  1. ahh siok kio! best to have fam to chat and get dorky with xx


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