Teambuilding with the others. #ntec #socializing

Today after work we got to do teambuilding activity with the admin and student services team. Before heading to bowling we got to have pizza treat as well and hang out briefly with the others.

Wei Lin, the admin manager organized the whole thing and even got us to draw ballots to group us into teams of 3. But I got to team up with a majority of the admin people in Group 2.

However, when we arrived at Metrolanes, we were told by the staff that we should split into 4 groups and use 4 lanes instead of three. So we had to regroup quickly and I manage to get into a group with Pavel, ladyboss, Amogh and a new guy Yash.


Game 1 score. Our team got 413 and we were probably the second last. Was just too far from the other lanes to see what their score is.


Gotta catch me a selfie! I was there yo!


I gotta say, everyone was pretty good at this game.


Some deliberations and strategy planning going on here I presume. Amogh, was pointing at the other team’s scoreboards as Pavel and Yash looks on. Nick was getting ready to take his turn on the lane.


Game 2 score. We won! Hehehehehe…


Ladyboss got me a beer with lemon! The Sol Cerveza Mexican Beer. It actually tasted not too bitter like how normal beers taste like. I politely declined when she asked me if I wanted a drink but she insisted and got me one even when I didn’t ask for it. I should really shout the next one if we get to come bowling again.


Can’t leave the activity without a groufie moment. About 18 of us here and plus myself holding the camera and then Ting who left a bit earlier.


Good game everyone! We should mix the group evenly and balance it out the next round 😉


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