Catching up with Noelin and the little ones.

Finally managed to catch up with this sweet lady again after so long. The last time we got together was during Christmas eve last year! And how months flew by! Although it was a rainy day, it was nice that she still made the effort to come out to hang out and see me even if it was for a short while, and even if she had to drag her niece and nephew with her. I appreciated it very much.


Noelin initially wanted to take me nearby at Ponsonby area, but there were no parking to be found, and finally she decided to just head on to Mission Bay which was the idea in the beginning anyway. Went to this Cafe called De Fontein which is a Belgian Beer Cafe, but not to worry, it was child friendly, although they do serve alcohol and hard liquor, I was even tempted to drink wine at broad day light but seemed like Noelin was not up for it, and especially since she had to drive anyway. So woopsie.. next time for me then :-p


Noelin suggested I go for the fish and chips since it was a really big serving, and I didn’t really felt like rummaging through the menu and figuring out what I wanted to eat since I was already really hungry at 1:15pm so I agreed to go with the same dish.

The place was packed when we got there, had to wait and sit at a temporary table which had the kids sitting on a really high tall chair, and it was not comfortable at all. Good thing we were able to move to another table before the food arrived.

We just talked about random things like work, whether or not we wanted kids (duh, common topic among 30+ singles), and movies what not. With kids around, our conversations were pretty limited to R-12 if you know what I mean.

Noelin insisted to pay for the meal, so I told her I have to pay for dessert. So we moved to KiwiYo which was just a few blocks down the road, and took the kids there for some “healthy” dessert. I mean, I was ready for lots of unhealthy thing, but I guess Noelin was very considerate and caring of Maya and Lucas and wanted to make sure they didn’t get too much sugar in them. Good on her!


It was a nice and simple catching up moment, we were done right after the dessert and she dropped me home since the kids also needed to get home soon. I was glad we were able to do this. Especially since Noelin was the one who initiated the meet up, so sweet of her to still think of me 🙂



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