More snail mails!


I got mail from Kevin and Grace all the way from the states! So lovely to still have pen friends the old fashion way.

A few weeks ago I sent them a post card from Hobbiton cos I thought of them when I was there. I figured if anyone could relate about going to Hobbiton, it would be Kevin.


Dear Pam,

It was great to get your card yesterday, and a belated Happy New Year to you, too! Sorry to hear Hobbiton wasn’t really as idyllic as it was in Bilbo’s day. We’ve had an unusually mild winter here, though still chilly by Philippines standards. I guess it’s your turn now – since it must start turning cold in NZ just as it’s warming up here.

Anyway, hope your time in New Zealand is great and brings you everything you want and need. Keep in touch and God bless.

Dear Pam,
We received your post card yesterday. What a pleasant surprise! Thank you for thinking of us! My sister-in-law is a Tolkien fan too. We were thrilled to know you visited Hobbiton (minus the crowds!) How’s New Zealand? I heard it’s the land of tasty dairy products! Keep posting photos at Facebook. 💙



I find the snail mail services nowadays are surprisingly efficient. Or maybe its just here in NZ. They sent this card on March 17, and I receive it in just one week! Wow.. and I thought it would take 3 weeks for them to get my snail mail.. Impressive!


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