Shared lunch party turned Farewell. #sad


So today we had sort of a “last minute” shared lunch party. One of the classmate, let’s call him Harry, proposed that we have a little party at the end of the term as a class together with Natasha, our Business tutor.

They talked about this about a week ago, but only confirmed that we were actually gonna make it happen like yesterday. And because it was sort of last minute, I had to think of something easy but not too hard to consume in a not-so-dining setting. After giving it much thought, I went with a finger food that would also serve as a regular meal. Chicken wings! Well, without the wings though. Just the drum-ette and the other part of the hands.

I went with a quick recipe search online, and found one that I could make crispy chicken wings by baking it in the oven instead of deep frying. The secret ingredient is just Baking Powder! Who would’ve known?

A quick drop to the New World Market down at Victoria Park, good thing they open till 12 midnight! By the time I was done with all that cooking it was already past 12:30am. But good thing I didn’t burn the chicken even if they smelled like they were. So I had quite a decent dish brought for the class.

Before Natasha’s class started, we had EP’s class. She dropped a big bomb at us at class and told us she has resigned from NTEC. My heart sank. I didn’t think she was leaving NTEC so soon and was hoping she’d still be there at least until I finished my two years. Unfortunately, the grass is always greener on the other side. She was given an opportunity she couldn’t refuse. Aaaaawwww.. she even gave the whole class Easter chocolate treats!


We ended our lesson by 12noon, and prepared the classroom for a little party with all the tables lined up, and all the food we brought from home placed and displayed nicely on the table tops. I had to microwave my chicken wings for a bit and did a favor for Dishant and did his chicken curry dish too. The others just bought food from outside since they either couldn’t cook or just didn’t have the time to do so.



There was also roti, waffles, potato pancakes and lots of chocolate muffins! I thought it was a good enough amount but perhaps the boys were not eating as much since they didn’t bring their own plate and spoons. I was well prepared and brought my own container equipped with plastic fork and spoon so yea, I had a good fill of all the food there is!


The boys writing their messages on the white board.


Harry also invited EP to the shared lunch get together so it was a good timing as well to bid her farewell. Natasha even set up a little display on the projector to wish her all the best and told the class to write a little note up on the whiteboard for EP. When she came and join us at 12:20pm, we shouted “SURPRISE” and it was just so nice to see her face lighten up and all smiles.


As any loving motherly figure does, she gave us a little pep talk about doing well in the coming exam and how much she cares and loves us all. Aaawww.. am really gonna miss her and it’s the truth when I say the college is not going to find anyone else as caring as she has been with us students.


Natasha being all cheeky in the background while EP gives us her pep talk.




The classmate groufie, Dinesh, Abijeet. Anu, Arun, Sergii, Natasha, Dishant, HyeJi, EP, Harshit and Danukha. Missing Linda as she just went out for a bit when I took this shot.

The whole party went well I suppose, some awkward silences in between were nicely overshadowed by the background music Dishant was playing from his phone and the mini boom box he brought to the class. I think out of all the girls AND boys, I probably ate the most food around there!

And the little party ended right on the dot at 1pm, which was just right timing for everyone else to clean up, pack up and head home. EP asked me to drop by her office after that, and I got an extra special treat from her. The Oki Doki Easter Marshmallow Pops!


I asked her to spill the beans on why she decided to leave, she said she didn’t really expect to leave but because the shipping company was prepared to pay her very well, she took the offer. I think there is probably more to it than what she meant to say, and I personally see a lot of changes happening in the management of NTEC so perhaps that was a factor to consider on whether she would’ve stayed. Oh well, life goes on, but surely we will be in touch with this lovely and caring mama!





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