Legally 18. Plus more.

Look what I got in the mail today!


My NZ Evidence of Age document, a.k.a 18+ Card.

I mean really, with all that wrinkle on my face and clearly mature appearance, I still need to be checked before getting some good old fashion wine? Besides, youngsters don’t drink wine!

I heard at least two person telling me how good it is to get a hold of this card, firstly, for booze, and secondly it sort of acts as an identity card here in NZ so you won’t have to carry your passport along with you all the time. And I completely agree. So on the 9th of March, I went ahead and got my application processed in the NZ Post Office.


I hate that photo of me, I look so chingky. Can hardly see my eyes. Ugh. See, when I went to the Auckland City library and waited over an hour to have my form signed by the Justice of Peace, (that’s so awesome by the way, free JP service at the library!) I didn’t realize that I needed a photo that he had to stamp on it as well. I thought I could just have him sign the form and then bring a photo with me once I had the time to take a more updated and pleasing looking one. I don’t recall they mention anything on the form that says the photo I provided had to have a stamp on it.

Anyhoo.. it took only 10 days and finally I got my card in the mail! So yay! I feel so much more part of NZ now… hehehehehe..


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