A lesson on Motivation and Teamwork. #DA101 #BusinessEnvironment

So today we had a fun activity at class. This is our tutor, Natasha. She’s cool, she’s Malaysian and everybody in class likes her. I personally think she’s such a cutie pie. And most of the things she says and the expressions she uses I can so relate to. Like “dude” and “man” .. hehehehe.. i would think we’d get along really well if we met outside of a professional setting.


Since it was only a 2-hour session for today, Natasha just gave us a little project to work on which relates to the topic she was teaching in class. So yay to no one-way communication learning. Hehehehe. Sitting down, just listening and paying attention is hard maaan..


This is the group members I had to work with. Hye Ji, Dishant and Sergii. Naturally, the boys had all the say in the matter. Sergii was appointed as team leader, and I’d have to say he wasn’t such a good leader. Hahahahaha.. He didn’t give us any instructions and practically just “winged” it.

We were given about 15 spaghetti pasta sticks and about 10 pink heart marshmallows to work with and build the tallest and steadiest tower. There wasn’t much other rules of the game except that if you want to snap and break the pasta, we’d have to work with it and can’t request for more pasta sticks.


The class was divided into 3 groups, the other group of boys were harshit, danukha, and two other guys whom I can’t remember their names. This semester I admit I am kind of a snob in the class. Didn’t bother to make new friends and just stuck with people I was already familiar with.


Unfortunately for 1 team, because one of the classmate was absent, they had only 3 members in the group. Arun, Anu and Linda (from Slovakia). I could hear the tension they had in the group especially between Arun and Linda as they couldn’t agree and decide on whats the best action to take. I can understand completely how that could happen, knowing how stubborn Arun can be sometimes.


Tadaaaa! This is what our group managed to come up with.Some kind of square box base and then a pointy tower. Nyeh. It wasn’t really stead on the base, but we managed to secure the corners by putting more pasta when Natasha was able to give us extra sticks.


Presenting the masterpieces in front of the class!


So obviously our team was second place and not to mention it looks like crap. But hey, there was not enough motivation for our team to put more effort into the game. The final prize was just more marshmallows. So eh..

The whole activity took about an hour and a half so pretty much no theory lessons at all for the day, and that’s a big plus. Really appreciate the effort Natasha takes in making this subject more interesting for us even though it’s mostly a theory based subject.


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