Three Wise Cousins. #samoaculture #moviereview

After coming back from a Driving information workshop, went to the office with Saj to help the ladyboss out with loading some boxes into her car for storage in her home. While just chilling and hanging out at the office waiting for her, she suggested that we could go catch a movie in the cinema since we were already with her for the rest of the Saturday. As usual, I am always game for movies, so she didn’t have to ask me twice!

I heard about this Samoan movie from the ladyboss perhaps a week ago, and I figured she was really excited to watch it too. Coming to New Zealand, aside from noticing that there were a lot of other Asians that I am already familiar with, I didn’t realize that there were other cultures here that brought diversity into the country and made it what it is. I kept hearing about the Pacific Islanders and I always assumed they were talking about the Maoris. Boy was I skooled today!

Since we left the office quite late, it was about 6:30pm when we finally reached Silvia Park to get to the Hoyts cinema and catch the 7pm screening. We opted to catch the movie first and leave the boxes till later. There was quite a long queue at the cinema when we got there, but I guess it’s the weekend and its when people get to catch the rest of the movies that were showing, like Deadpool, Zoolander 2 etc. Tickets were $19.00 per pax, (and I was even hoping for a treat from the ladyboss but nope, not today) but we still managed to get a center seat in the theater hall since it wasn’t a full house yet.


Oh I loved the movie! I’d call it a Bro-flick, and a cute funny one too! And personally for me it was informative and gave me an insight to Samoan culture and it was a “Feel good” movie. It was rated PG though so there were a bit of green jokes here and there. Storyline was pretty simple and straightforward. Nothing complicated or dramatic or anything like that. But I thought some scenes invoked the feelings spot on where they needed to.

I especially LOVED the music and songs they used!! Tried to look for their soundtrack online but don’t think its got enough media reach yet. Definitely recommending this movie to people interested in knowing about Samoan culture, and surely will talk about this movie to my friends here!

Check out the official movie website here:



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  1. Ahhh makes me wanna watch it now


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