Happy Birthday Saj!


Kobe! You’re only 23??!! Whaaaaattt…

Hehehehe.. this tall Indian dude from Amristar is my colleague, former classmate, bro, and I would even call him my best friend. He can be silly, funny and at times annoying. Calling me fat when really he’s just playin’. Ladyboss cares for him so much that she even thought of the little surprise even before I did. Hahahaha.

After lunch, Khaleed went ahead and got this dude a very “old” birthday card , ice cream and a chocolate most cake! Although his actual birthday is tomorrow, it was good timing to celebrate it a day earlier with everyone in the office. So we get to have tea time break because of this guy’s milestone of turning a little bit more into an adult. Just a bit.


With Pavel, Aaron, Rashmi, Merwyn, birthday boy, Khaleed, Aimee, Valerie (from Marketing, so lucky to have drop by during the cake cutting session), Ting, Nick, Elwin and myself, the cameragirl of course.


Happy birthday dude! Grow wiser, stay charming, but most of all keep smiling and lighting up the lives of other people around you. God bless! 🙂


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