Team Achieve versus Team NTEC. #bowling #afterworkhours #officeouting

Loving our boss for this!! What a way to wrap up the work week just before the new term starts next week.

Aimee arranged for the whole team Achieve and team NTEC accounting staffs to go on a bowling activity for team bonding. So cool of her for organizing this. It was also awesome that we didn’t have to go far, just down the Event Center where the cinema was at is Metrolanes.


For the weekends, the price was a bit high, about 15 dollars for the first game per person, then 12 dollars for the next game. That already includes the shoes though. There were 10 of us, including Nick’s mom who was in town and came to join us. She is one active mama too! Not afraid to bowl and show off some good skills!

It’s been awhile since I last played bowling, I think that was just before leaving for NZ when I had bowling with the fam bam at 1 Borneo. I always look forward to activities like this cos it really helps to bond people together and its also so much fun! See how much fun Khaleed and Saj were having in this photo? High five to newbie Saj!


And we have to have a team photo to showcase our vibrant side even as accountants. Hehehehe! With Nick, Khaleed, Aimee, Saj, Pavel, Elwin, Ting and Marina (Nick’s mom).


We started at about 6:30pm and finished two games of 10 people with a vegetarian pizza by around 7:45pm. Twas a good game I say, good game! First round the NTEC people won because Merwyn was so good and kept striking, while I was just on my warm up and was so terrible and kept shooting into the gutter. But the next round I was all pumped up and did so much better and it helped the Team Achieve to win the second round! Well, plus Merwyn left the NTEC team after the first round, guess that helped too and that’s why he wasn’t in the group photo! Hehehehe.

Scores halfway through the first round. How bad was I? Terrible!! At the 9th round and I was only on a score of 57! Waaattt…. tsk tsk


Thank You Lord for the blessing of a cool boss!


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