Happy Birthday Varsha! #birthdaygirl #newYearbaby

The very lovely and elegant Varsha invited me over for dinner and another celebration of her glorious 25th birthday. It was New Year’s day after all.  I spent all day just staying in bed and not doing anything much aside from greeting people and chatting with them over WhatsApp and what not. By the time I arrived at her place, it was already 8pm.



The groufie! With Sasha, Aadi, Oppie, Birthday girl Varsha, Analyn, Juhi and Shubam.


We started off with a quick group photo session, and then headed straight for the food! Aadi cooked some really awesome chicken curry and I wish I could have more but I didn’t have any work out today so I wanted to make sure I am still on track with my new year’s resolution.


There was also a tofu dish and dessert (rice cooked with coconut and the sweetness level was just right! I forgot what it was called though) made by Juhi, and also tasted great, and again I wished I could have more, I just drowned the rest of my longing and desire for good food with a lot of booze and dancing.


It was a simple gathering of a few of us, and I hoped we had made a memorable 25th birthday for Varsha. She did mentioned that she was missing her family and boyfie very much this time and it’s hard to show more excitement than you really feel even if it’s your birthday, so I understand, and hope that we managed to bring a bit of joy to her special day.



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