Goodbye 2015! #newyearcountdown #auckland #fireworks

Going against the crowd flow of flocking to the city to watch the fireworks at the sky tower, my gang and I went instead a little outside of the city, to Mt Eden Domain and caught the view of the fireworks from there! We could’ve walked all the way there from the city, but that would’ve been quite a hike, so we took a bus instead. And got there at about 8pm. Skies were still bright!

Here we are after a short walk from the bus stop, the Glenfell Place entrance. Behind us is the steep staircase going up to the summit. With the ladies, Sasha, Varsha and Juhi. Thanks to Aadi for being the thorn among the roses and helping us take a lovely shot here.


Once we reach the top, the view was just breathtaking! Look at the whole city area from where we sat! It was very windy and cold, so after a quick photoshoot without our cardigans and jackets, we had to put them on quickly!




With the lovely birthday girl Varsha, who turns 25 right at 12 midnight! The very reason why we’re here at Mt Eden and giving her a special celebration.


A selfie with the very “hot” Juhi. Can’t believe this girl was so brave to go out in sleeveless and not even bringing any jacket with her!


After the photo shoot session, we finally managed to set up our picnic blanket on the ground and start eating our very late dinner, Subway sandwich takeaway!


We also had to carry all our drinks and some fruits and snacks up to that mountain. After all, we did have about 4 hours to go before the countdown.


There were no lights or lamp posts on the mountain so there wasn’t much shot we could take when the skies grew dark around 9:30pm. As midnight closes in, more and more people kept coming up to the summit. Which at first we thought nobody was going to be there with us. Unfortunately, we were quite wrong. Loads of people came up after!


Because it was just too windy at the area overlooking the city and skytower, we thought we’d just move in to another spot where the wind isn’t as strong. Here we are with all our bags on the ground and just sitting around, talking, chilling and passing time enjoying each other’s company.


Finally the countdown! We didn’t have any official timers, so we just went along with the other people in the crowd that were counting down just before the fireworks came on. The fireworks lasted about only 5 minutes but from where we saw it, it was really small. Nevertheless, a good experience and the view, man, just cannot be described. Could be a very romantic place too if only I had someone to go with

Anyway, gave my gift to Varsha, and greeted her Happy Birthday, and then Happy New Year! After the fireworks show was over, we walked on towards the other summit where the crater is, and saw the rest of the mountain domain. Aadi also took the opportunity of the night to make it official with Sasha, oh the cute couple!

Then we ended the New Year’s Eve celebration with a good looong walk back towards the city center which took at least about 20 minutes! What a work out!!! Starting my new year right! Yeaaahhhh!!


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  1. Yieeee!!! Nice kilay hahaha 😛


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