A Day at the Park. #Cornwall #Auckland

Aimee invited Saj and I to go to Cornwall Park today to take a walk, chill and just hang out. We met up with her at the office just at about lunch time, and helped her deconstruct the Christmas tree and packed a few things from the office to her BMW.

But before heading to the park, it’s a late lunch makan time! Aimee took us to a Malaysian restaurant called the KK Malaysian Cuisine down at Epsom, just a few minutes drive nearby to the park. Nothing in the restaurant serves anything Kota Kinabalu style so I am not sure why they are called KK, maybe the name of the owner or something.


We ordered a two serving Coconut rice, Kang Kung stir fried with Sambal, and their Beef Rendang.


The rendang dish was about $20 I think, and it wasn’t spicy at all but it was definitely very tasty! I am usually not a big fan of rendangs, but this one was nice and juicy and not dry like the ones I normally taste during Hari Raya open houses!


When we got to the park, Aimee showed us the Stardome Observatory which has an entrance fee but she just wanted to show us a small part of the place but the observatory was already closed. So we just ended up taking a photo in front of the entrance just to say we were here. Hehehehe


After parking her BMW, Aimee, Saj and I took a stroll down the park looking for a nice spot to sit down and chill. Look at all the lovely trees along the walkway! Aimee and Saj walking in front of me while I was busy taking photos and some selfies.


This shot was the best selfie for the day!


I also brought my recently purchased Wilson volleyball to the park so we could play!


Today, I also got to drive in Auckland for the very first time! Well, it wasn’t much of a drive really since I just helped Aimee drive her car nearer to the spot we were positioned at and the drive was just pretty much down the road inside the park area only. But hey, it still counts as driving!


With Aimee and Saj at our spot under the tree. Good thing Aimee still had her beach rug in the car so we could use it to sit on the ground and play Rummy-O! Now, these two are quite the competitive board game players. It was such an intense session that I really wish they would just lighten up and play for fun! Have some conversation while we’re at it for goodness sake! Oh well, at least I won one of the rounds and was placed second for the others hehehehe.. and yes, Saj is the better player at this game 🙄

And once again, God answered our prayer for a good weather! No rain today! It was such a wonderful time of fellowship! Thank You so much Lord!



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