Christmas Dinner at Jo’s. #childhoodfriends

Kuan came to pick me up around 5:30pm and we headed off to Jo’s house in North Shore. Lovely to see Noelin again since we caught up during my birthday last month. I learned something else about her this dinner time, she’s an amazing and talented cook! She prepared and cooked this Turkey all from scratch and on her own! From the brine to the stuffing and the baking in the oven, down to the gravy, it was all her effort and hard work and what a lovely and tasteful turkey that was!


Joanne prepared a baked salmon that was topped with breadcrumbs and all kinds of herbs. That was nice too.


This was probably the only thing I didn’t try out during the dinner. Raw oysters topped with lemon. I mean, I have tried it before and as usual I tend to get rashes because of it so I didn’t bother to eat them this time around.


Look at the lovely table set up! I helped fold those green Christmas tree-shaped napkins :-p


The 11 adults and 2 children in the little party. With Joanne’s neighbors and Noelin’s boyfriend as guests, I was probably the one most out of place here but I find myself always the odd one anywhere else anyway. I guess that kinda makes me special hahahahaha.


Group photo! One with me in the group thanks to Joanne, and another of the great company.


Another amazing thing about this dinner is how detailed Joanne is with her organizing, even the Christmas crackers was a D.I.Y! She made them herself and not a store-bought cracker! She stuffed little trinkets in them and also a piece of Christmas-themed jokes. Hehehe.. although I didn’t really understood my joke but oh well.


After that hearty dinner, it was time to open the presents! The kids get to go first and open up all their presents from families and friends. After all that commotion and excitement coming from the kids, the adults finally got to play their exchange game.


Each adult had to bring one gift item worth at least $30 and then we will go around exchanging them randomly. By random I meant casting lots, and I got the last number in the batch, number 11 which meant I would go last. Not so fun for me but its alright.

The rule of the exchange game was that if you pick a gift, you can choose to open it or not open it and steal another “already opened” gift. So naturally, everyone was very kind and courteous in the beginning and didn’t steal anything and just picked and opened the gift they wanted. It was not until Noelin’s father started stealing gifts that others started joining in too. When it came to my turn, I first stole the Wine, and then gave the little gift I had on hand to Timo, then he had to exchange it with Alex and Alex again to Noelin for some Nespresso, and finally Noelin took back the wine from me and I was stuck with the same gift from the beginning. Wow, that was fun.

I am not much of a scarf person, but at least it matched what I was wearing that night. Hehehe.. the night ended around 11:00pm and boy was I glad to be able to get the socially awkward me over and done with. Still a blessing with lots of the tasty Turkey leftovers I was able to go home with. And an even more blessing? Noelin’s dad gave up his sandwich maker exchange gift and gave it to me instead. Cool beans!


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